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Traffic study proves Seattle's priorities are misguided

The city of Seattle has an incentive to make traffic as horrible as possible so they can achieve their social engineering goals of forcing people out of their cars onto mass transit.

Rasmussen: Sawant, Bertha not reasons for the Seattle council exodus

Neither Kshama Sawant nor the Seattle tunnel project has anything to do with why three Seattle City Council members are not seeking re-election, according to Tom Rasmussen.

Seattle City councilmember hopes this never happens again

The allegations of unprofessional conduct by employees of Seattle Tunnel Partners is something city councilman Tom Rasmussen hopes never happens again.

City of Seattle will take taxpayer money, give to future parents

City of Seattle employees could receive up to four weeks of parental leave. The city would use taxpayer money to do so.

Video: Preview released for Marshawn Lynch's new movie

Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch stars in a biopic about his rise from the streets of Oakland to Super Bowl champion. A preview of the film was released Monday.

Republicans dismiss invitations to discuss gas tax; it's indefensible

State officials are converting the HOV lane on I-405 to a hot lane, where you can drive in it if you have three people in a car, or are willing to pay a toll.

Determination to finish Seattle tunnel boosts Dori's confidence in government

Dori's confidence in the government is boosted after hearing the WSDOT say it's determined to finish the Seattle tunnel project.

King County Metro hiring a bathroom break coordinator

King County Metro Transit has announced it's hiring a "comfort station coordinator," after it was learned that drivers were wetting themselves on the job.

Dori grills SDOT director on Mercer Street, Sound Transit

Cutting right to the chase, KIRO Radio's Dori Monson asked Seattle Department of Transportation director Scott Kubly why the city isn't doing more for drivers.

Trip to Mars would be ‘doing something worth remembering,' Bellevue man says

Carl LeCompte is not trying to leave anything behind by trying to be one of 24 people going to Mars.

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