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Congressman Reichert outraged over potential release of murderer

A man serving three life terms for murdering three people in a SeaTac tavern could be out on the streets by February 2018.

Will it take a state income tax to fund education?

Because the Washington State Legislature hasn't found any other ways to do it, an economist is suggesting lawmakers impose an income tax to properly fund education.

Is Russell Wilson galvanizing Seahawks fans, losing support?

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson speaks his mind, even if what is on his mind may be odd or down right ridiculous to some fans.

Can't fault Everett firefighters for trying to shut homeless man up

A homeless man who has caused the Everett Fire Department a headache and cost taxpayers up to $1 million was taken out to a more remote location in hopes it would quiet him.

Why everyone should take Seattle traffic report personally

If you need more of a reason to take the latest traffic report by INRIX personally, other than spending hours a year in gridlock, just consider the people you care about.

Tourist getting stabbed, robbed while Seattle Mayor enjoys security on vacation

At least Mayor Ed Murray can feel safe wherever he goes, while Seattle residents and tourists are harassed and beaten.

I feel safer walking in Manhattan than downtown Seattle

Despite the increasing gang activity, even low-level crime is being addressed to some extent, Seattle police sergeant Sean Whitcomb told Dori Monson.

Seattle police chief tackling increased gang activity

Seattle's chief of police addressed the issue of gang violence on Tuesday. Looking at the statistics, it's easy to see that gang activity is going up.

Seattle homicide might be a good argument for homeless camps

A naked man running around beating people with a stick brings up valid arguments both for and against homeless camps.

Based on traffic alone, Mayor Ed Murray has failed Seattle

Mayor Ed Murray responded to a recent Seattle Times editorial that accused the city of failing to meet the challenges of a growing region. Murray says the city is not sitting on its hands.

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