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Doesn't this prove Seattle bike lanes are dangerous?

Obviously this driver is a horrible person, but did the cyclist slow down?

Dori can't believe what's happening in Oregon schools

There's another disturbing trend that's going on these days. That's when government takes control of our lives and cuts parents out of the equation.

Dori Monson: There's no more he and she, it's just pee and pee

On Tuesday, a Seattle City Council committee received an update on a proposal that would require all city buildings and businesses with public use single-stall bathrooms to be labeled as gender-neutral.

Tired of waiting around for Seattle tunnel contractor

The Washington State Department of Transportation says they still do not have the promised Bertha update from Seattle Tunnel Partners.

Steal the Bucks from Milwaukee, the city deserves it

KIRO Radio's Dori Monson doesn't mind taking Milwaukee's NBA team, due to a heartbreaking experience as a child.

Is Seattle doing away with single-family homes?

If adopted, ideas being considered by a Seattle housing committee would be devastating to the city's appeal, according to KIRO Radio's Dori Monson.

Girl Scout CEO defends decision to crowdfund

The decision to return a $100,000 donation has paid off for the Girl Scouts of Western Washington, but some remain skeptical.

City drops 'bombshell' on unsuspecting businesses

Some businesses are feeling blindsided by the announcement of three new homeless camps in Seattle.

Gun advocates 'close the divide' between right and left during Seattle Pride Parade

A group of friends, some gay and some not, promoting gun rights, marched with Seattleites celebrating gay pride.

Burn your houses down if you want, just not mine

I'm not going to pretend for a second that a ban will end all fireworks, but I would just ask people to consider the conditions of 2015.

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