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Why donkey basketball is wrong; and why horse racing is OK

Dori Monson believes that high school donkey basketball games are cruel to animals and should stop. He firmly believes that horse racing is totally fine. This is why.

Dori's theory on why Seattle nearly tops unsafe driver study

Washington drivers did not rate well in Allstate Insurance's annual "Best Driver's Report."

Issaquah man uses his military training to land $300K deal on 'Shark Tank'

Matthew Griffin pushes his mission that business is more powerful than bullets to Mark Cuban and his Shark Tank colleagues.

Dori: Mayor Murray should follow the State Senate's lead; fire transportation director

Dori believes the criticisms directed at Lynn Peterson are just as apt for a City of Seattle official.

Dori: Ousting of WSDOT head could end up saving us all money

This has tremendous significance going forward as well because as you may recall, about 13 or 14 years ago, it was leaked to me that this Puget Sound Regional Task Force ... that they had a vision to turn every single road in our entire region into a toll lane.

These are the words that snapped one man out of homelessness

After living in a tent for months, a Washington native says the kind words of a stranger changed everything.

Ballard man defends tactic to counteract homelessness after finding corpse

The manager at Ballard business says he's not trying to be inhumane, but is taking precautions after finding something shocking late last year.

Age makes no difference; court needs to be tough on alleged Jungle shooters

Dori Monson says the fact that it's teenagers who were allegedly involved in the shooting is troubling, but doesn't think a slap on the wrist is the answer.

'Smell of ripe humanity' forces Ballard business owner to consider moving

The ripple effect from Seattle's homeless crisis has reached at least one area business owner.

Kitsap deputy who resigned over DUI could have kept his job

Despite being disciplined three times in three years for on-duty collisions, and admitting to driving drunk while off-duty, a Kitsap deputy could have kept his job.

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