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Archaeologist on shells delaying Bertha: 'It's not a conspiracy'

A deposit of shells found above stalled boring machine Bertha is the latest cause for delay in Seattle's tunnel-boring project. While some have expressed skepticism about the discovery, a state archaeologist straight from the dig site says the delay is legitimate.

SDOT releases 'hilarious' new video on protected bike lane

Nearly two months after Seattle's protected bike lane opened on Second Avenue, the Seattle Department of Transportation has released an educational video.

Girls soccer dreams dashed by politics at local school

Two dozen 6th grade girls have had their hopes and dreams for a soccer championship dashed by what some are calling a "purely political" move by the Archdiocese of Seattle's youth sports organization.

Sources: Teen gunman sent message to parents moments before Marysville shooting

The teen gunman who opened fire at Marysville-Pilchuck High School Friday sent a message to his parents just moments before the shooting, Q13 reports.

Story of shells blocking Bertha repair sounds completely made up

Is anyone buying this Bertha story? The Washington State Department of Transportation and Seattle Tunnel Partners have announced that they're going to have to spend several days delayed so that they can have archeologists check out some shells they've found.

It didn't take long for people to start politicizing Marysville-Pilchuck tragedy

I've had 72 hours to process the horrible incident that happened Friday morning at Marysville-Pilchuck High School.

Ultimate hypocrisy: Marijuana is legal, online poker a felony

You can smoke pot legally in Washington state now, but you can't play poker online. And KIRO Radio's Dori Monson calls it the ultimate hypocrisy.

Auburn School District allows religious dagger; 'our schools have gone insane'

The Auburn School District is permitting a boy at Gildo Rey Elementary to bring a dagger to school for religious reasons.

Youth football league hopes to move on from parent brawl

The head of Bothell's youth football association says he hopes the controversy over a brawl between parents from two leagues will soon subside, for the sake of the kids.

Grant County Sheriff addresses unmarked patrol cars

A Grant County man who calls himself a "liberty activist" is making waves with law enforcement after videotaping himself pulling over an unmarked patrol.

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