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Dori's haikus for the 'ramps to nowhere'

If you want to win a piece of 520's ramps to nowhere, the state is asking for your haiku submissions. Here are Dori's...

Socialist $15 minimum wage backers offering $13 an hour

Seattle's Freedom Socialist Party has been a leading force behind the effort to increase the minimum wage to $15. So you'd have to figure the group would make sure it pays its own people that much, right? Not so much.

A 'John' tells Dori why new anti-prostitution effort won't work

A 'John,' who admits to frequently hiring prostitutes online, says a new King County effort to target men buying sex is 'fruitless.'

Blast from the past: Dori and Pat Cashman weight-loss spoof

Almost Live alum Pat Cashman's comedy series The 206 is still going strong. But it harkens back to classics from days long past, like this weight loss parody with Dori.

Dori: King County should just legalize prostitution

While King County has announced it's now increasingly going after 'Johns' to combat prostitution, KIRO Radio's Dori Monson argues it's time to simply legalize it.

Sunny Kobe Cook admits getting taken by prominent Seattle businesswoman

One of Seattle's most successful businesswomen admits she got taken by another well known Seattle businesswoman now at the center of a major controversy.

Embattled Mars Hill founder Mark Driscoll resigns from megachurch

The embattled founder of Bellevue-based Mars Hill Church has resigned, the church announced in a blog post Wednesday.

Dori: Hoquiam School District needs to get tough on football player charged with rape

The father of a Hoquiam High School football player charged with rape has reportedly pulled his son off the team.

Why discrimination lawsuit against Murray, city is so ironic

Ed Murray has built his career almost solely on the politics of victimization. That's why this is so delicious.

Do we need citizens pulling over cops?

A citizen in Grant County pulled over an unmarked patrol car. The citizen, who calls himself Gav, tells the deputy it's against Washington state law to drive an unmarked car.

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