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Bob Barker demands answers from Seattle's mayor on elephants

Bob Barker isn't please with the way things are going for two Seattle elephants.

Bertha's repair should not be celebrated as an accomplishment

Dori questions how WSDOT is selling the Bertha project.

Star's was a life well lived

Star - an Australian Cattle Dog who was as perfect a fit for our family as any dog could possibly be - died this week at the age of 14.

Republicans supporting tax increases are ignoring their constituents

Dori Monson believes any republican supporting tax increases should be voted out of office.

Former UW player Welp was a supportive father, a ‘very skilled' player

Dave Harshman remembers Christian Welp as a humble and supportive player and parent.

Largest aircraft in history could take flight in 2016 thanks to Paul Allen

An aircraft, backed by Seattle's Paul Allen, is expected to have a 385-foot wing span and will be used deliver satellites to space. It is being called Roc.

DUI victim's family pushes for drunk driving felony consequences

While walking along a sidewalk one day, Dale Panattoni's father-in-law was hit by a vehicle driven by a drunk driver. He was killed instantly.

Traffic study proves Seattle's priorities are misguided

The city of Seattle has an incentive to make traffic as horrible as possible so they can achieve their social engineering goals of forcing people out of their cars onto mass transit.

Rasmussen: Sawant, Bertha not reasons for the Seattle council exodus

Neither Kshama Sawant nor the Seattle tunnel project has anything to do with why three Seattle City Council members are not seeking re-election, according to Tom Rasmussen.

Seattle City councilmember hopes this never happens again

The allegations of unprofessional conduct by employees of Seattle Tunnel Partners is something city councilman Tom Rasmussen hopes never happens again.

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