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Cool hack: Here’s how to find your Uber passenger rating

One unique part about companies like Uber and Lyft is the ability for riders to rate their drivers, and vice versa. The transparent grading system helps the startups monitor driver performance, while also giving passengers a way to provide feedback on their experience. But while Uber and Lyft riders can see driver ratings, it’s not possible to see your own personal passenger rating ? only drivers can see your ratings when you request a ride. However, an NYC-based software engineer has figured out how to access that information. Aaron Landy, a software engineer from New York City, penned this post on Medium detailing how... Read More on GeekWire

GeekWire vs. Yedlin: What happened when we challenged a World Cup star at FIFA 14

IMG_9453 copy
As soon as DeAndre Yedlin initiated the slightly-difficult fake-shot trick just 30 seconds into our virtual match, it became obvious that I was facing off against an experienced FIFA 14 gamer. This was going to be fun. Thanks to Golazo and a massive truck filled with gaming consoles, we had the sweet opportunity this past Friday to see if professional soccer players are as good on the sticks as they are on the pitch. Turns out, at least in Yedlin’s case, that this is true. The Sounders FC star, who just returned from an impressive inaugural performance for the U.S national team at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil,... Read More on GeekWire

First impressions: Kindle Unlimited is nice, but won’t replace a well-stocked bookshelf

  I’m a big fan of subscription services for media. While there are certain items that I get a ton of value out of owning, I’m perfectly fine paying a reasonable monthly fee to get access to stuff that I’ll watch once or listen to sparingly. It’s cheaper than buying everything individually, and surprisingly convenient, thanks to the relative abundance of fast Internet around me in the Bay Area. For that reason, Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited service piqued my interest. I love reading ? to the point that it’s honestly difficult for me to shop at a bookstore without buying... Read More on GeekWire

Some of the happiest states in the U.S. are the most ‘connected’

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What makes you happy? Sunshine. Long walks on the beach. A cool mountain stream. How about Internet connectivity? A poll conducted by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index found that those states with the best home Internet connections, also happened rank high for having the happiest people. “Statistically significant evidence exists to conclude, in general, people who live in a state with a higher percentage of its population accessing the Internet from home report being happier than those living in states with a lower percentage of the population accessing the Internet from home,” according to the study posted on So, who is... Read More on GeekWire

Seattle City Council asks Jeff Bezos to treat’s security guards better

The Seattle City Council isn’t happy with how some security workers are being treated. All nine councilmembers penned a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos this week, asking that he address concerns shared by the Seattle Human Rights Commission over the treatment of workers hired by Security Industry Specialists (SIS), an Amazon subcontractor. The commission sent a letter to Bezos on June 4 asking him look into the matter, but has not received a response. More than one month later, the City Council wrote its own note to the Amazon boss. “Many of us have had the opportunity to meet with... Read More on GeekWire

Apple quietly bought a book discovery startup to compete with Amazon

Apple has quietly purchased BookLamp, an Idaho startup that set out to build better book recommendations, according to a report by TechCrunch. The company, which was founded in 2007, set out to categorize the content in every book on the planet in order to provide users with recommendations about what books they might like to read. BookLamp created what it called the “Book Genome Project” in order to track different themes and other content inside a book and provide users with recommendations for more books with similar profiles. It’s a system that’s not unlike Pandora’s Music Genome Project, which powers... Read More on GeekWire

GeekWire Radio: Fire phone, iPhone 6 and Microsoft’s smartwatch, with Essex Porter and Andru Edwards

We get a glimpse of the future this week on the GeekWire radio show, talking about Amazon’s newly released Fire phone, the widely rumored iPhone 6, and Microsoft’s unannounced smartwatch ? with some Windows Phone thrown in for good measure. Joining me in the studio are Andru Edwards, editor of the GearLive tech news site, who extends his record as our most frequent recurring guest; and Essex Porter, a longtime reporter for KIRO 7 Eyewitness News in Seattle who happens to be one of the most loyal Windows Phone users I’ve ever met. Essex has interviewed me in the past for stories, and I’ve always wanted to turn the tables... Read More on GeekWire