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How to be a tech security Jedi: 5 lessons from the original ‘Star Wars’ movies

A short time ago, in a city not far from Seattle, I began frantically encouraging (forcing) my pre-teen daughter to watch the original Star Wars trilogy.

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider hits 1-PeV milestone with heavy ions (and re-ignites doomsday talk)

The Large Hadron Collider set another record for particle-smashing energy levels this week ? which set off another round of hyped-up rumblings about the end of the world.

Radar scans add to evidence of hidden chambers in King Tut’s tomb, hinting at ‘enormous’ discovery

Radar scans have turned up fresh evidence of hidden chambers beyond the walls of King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities reported today.

GeekWire Radio: Our favorite apps, and the great Outlook vs. Gmail debate

This week on the GeekWire radio show and podcast, we talk about our favorite apps for book lovers, gamers, photographers, home cooks, people who like to send holiday cards, and more.

Tech toy guide: 5 fun gifts for the geek in your life

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, give a little thought to what’ll tickle the science geek on your gift list.

Give Cards Against Humanity $5, get nothing in return

This might be the best Black Friday deal of the day — Cards Against Humanity is taking $5 right now on its site.

Boy who gives $20 to vandalized mosque gets an awesome surprise

In case you missed this one, it will melt your heart.