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GeekWire Radio: Ballmer vs. Bezos — who will get the last laugh?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos
A fascinating debate emerged in the tech world this week after Amazon’s big earnings miss and Steve Ballmer’s comments about Amazon’s business model. In an interview with Charlie Rose, the former Microsoft CEO said that Amazon isn’t a “real business” without meaningful profits ? defending his own record of profitability at Microsoft and implying that critics should take a second look at his legacy as a business leader. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is famous for saying it’s “Still Day One” ? underscoring a long-term focus that tests the patience of investors. The company is a giant in the world of e-commerce and cloud computing but has … Read More on GeekWire

Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says Amazon isn’t a real business

ballmer is not a real business ? at least according to Steve Ballmer. The former Microsoft CEO shared his thoughts about the Seattle online retail giant on the Charlie Rose Show this week, first noting that “I don’t know what to say about Amazon” before explaining why he’s wary of the company. “They make no money, Charlie,” Ballmer said. “In my world, you’re not a real business until you make some money. I have a hard time with businesses that don’t make money at some point.” Ballmer’s comments come as Amazon came up short of analyst expectations and on Thursday posted a … Read More on GeekWire

To meet demand, University of Washington moves forward with plans to build new computer science building

There are more than 250 UW computer science students in one class ? intro to coding. Photo via
Demand for computer science education at the University of Washington is reaching record levels, and now the school is taking action to accommodate for it. The UW today submitted an official request to architects interested in designing a second computer science and engineering building that “will allow a dramatic expansion of our activities in education, research, and interaction with the campus, the region, and the nation,” according to the nationally-recognized CSE department. The school is requesting money from both the state and private donors to fund the project. Discussions around a second building have been ongoing for several years now, particularly as The Paul G. Allen … Read More on GeekWire

From AIDS to Ebola: In rumor control, only the tech changes

By NIAID (HIV-infected T cell) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
As a species, we don?t seem to get any smarter about rumors and misinformation ? even if our technology evolves. Take Ebola and compare its scares to those of another deadly epidemic: AIDS, 30 years ago. Then I was a broadcast health and science reporter, covering HIV/AIDS before it was mainstream (that came in 1985 after Rock Hudson died). Cutting-edge communications tech in pre-web browser days was represented by personal computer bulletin board systems, online dial-up services like CompuServe, and commercial, proprietary email systems such as MCI Mail. Nothing digital broadly connected to anything else, so bad info was spread and combated … Read More on GeekWire

Amazon’s stock is getting hammered after poor earnings report, down 8 percent

amazon-stock11 is hiring like mad, expanding its footprint into a host of new industries. But the growth is coming at a cost, and now Wall Street is reacting to the losses and huge capital expenditures. Share of the Seattle company are down more than eight percent in trading today ? following news Thursday that Amazon missed analysts’ expectations. Amazon posted a $437 million during the third quarter, or 95 cents per share. Analysts expected a loss of just 74 cents per share. The company also posted a $170 million charge on its Fire Phone, largely seen as a bust to … Read More on GeekWire

Testing Apple Pay: Our quest to buy beer, gas, burgers and more with a smartphone

Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to replace our wallets, and on a rainy afternoon in Seattle, we found out why. Team GeekWire spent time on Thursday hopping around some of America’s most-visited retailers ? McDonald’s, Macy’s, Walgreens, etc. ? and testing out Apple Pay, one of Apple’s newest innovations that lets you pay with an iPhone. Apple Pay is pretty simple to both set up and use. After initially entering credit card information into an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, users can hold the smartphone near an NFC-reader at a cashier and their payment can be completed within seconds ? no cards, no swiping. “It is so … Read More on GeekWire

Check out Zillow co-founder Rich Barton’s awesome response when a mom asked whether her son should become an entrepreneur

Zillow co-founder Rich Barton speaking at the University of Washington as part of Seattle Startup Week
It’s a vexing dilemma for any parent. You just paid big money to send your kid through college, and now they are weighing their first serious career choice. Big company or startup entrepreneur. What’s a parent to advise? That was the scenario facing one mom who showed up Wednesday night with her son to hear Zillow co-founder and former Expedia CEO Rich Barton deliver advice on starting companies as part of Seattle Startup Week. Barton covered a host of topics during the hour-long talk ? hiring great people; the wonders of user-generated content models; and how Seattle has evolved as … Read More on GeekWire