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Boardgames: The latest analog craze

Hundreds of geeks came out to the GeekWire Game night earlier this month.
In our increasingly digital lives old, analog touchstones can be more than nostalgic ? they can help ground us and remind us of what it is to be a living breathing person in a world of ones and zeros. The resurgence in sales of vinyl records is just one example of this phenomenon. Another old-fashioned, analog obsession is increasing in popularity ? card and boardgames, both old and new. I could trot out sales figures to back this claim, but let me share the most visible sign that board games have gone mainstream: Take a close look at this South Park still.  Those … Read More on GeekWire

Happy Thanksgiving from GeekWire

It’s the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States, with the added bonus of being Seahawks Gameday ? practically a holiday unto itself. Posting will be light as we enjoy the day with our families. We hope you’re doing the same. Have a great Thanksgiving, and thanks for reading GeekWire.

Here’s the email app that Microsoft may have accidentally announced it’s acquiring

Is Microsoft about to acquire a mobile email startup? A deleted draft post on the Official Microsoft Blog, accidentally distributed via an RSS feed, has a url that concludes with the string, “/microsoft-acquires-acompli/” ? an apparent reference to the mobile email startup Acompli. Neither company is commenting on the apparent slip-up, so the status of any negotiations or deal between the companies isn’t clear, but Microsoft’s interest in Acompli would make sense given the app’s Exchange integration along with its focus on enterprise adoption and quick productivity tools for mobile workers. Based in San Francisco, Acompli is venture-backed, having raised $7.3 million in … Read More on GeekWire

Update: Amazon’s CloudFront content delivery network recovers from two-hour outage

It’s the Murphy’s Law corollary for cloud computing: anything that can go wrong will go wrong on the eve of a major holiday. Amazon’s CloudFront content delivery network is suffering from DNS problems worldwide, which means some users are having a hard time connecting to web services that count on CloudFront to deliver their content. According to reports on Twitter, people are having problems with sites like Medium and Instagram, though it’s hard to tell just how widespread the issues are. According to the AWS service status page, Amazon is looking into the problems and is working on a fix … Read More on GeekWire

This $99 wearable wristband uses speed-reading technology to help digest notifications faster

Mark Long thinks we take out our smartphones too many times per day, and now he’s come up with a solution to fix that problem. The former Meteor Entertainment CEO and 20-year-plus veteran of the video games business has started a new Seattle-based company called Uno that is preparing to launch a $99 wearable wristband that uses Spritz, a reading compression technology. The Uno Noteband is a wearable that’s focused on notifications. It displays messages from incoming calls, texts, emails, calendar reminders, Facebook, and Twitter. But what sets it apart is Spritz, which shows text in one-word increments in rapid succession. The idea is to help … Read More on GeekWire

Book review: Peter Thiel’s Zero to One challenges everything you’ve learned in business school

Competition is an epidemic and your college degree is worthless. At least, that?s the opinion of controversial entrepreneur Peter Thiel. The billionaire co-founder of PayPal and famous first investor in Facebook is never afraid to challenge the dogmas of our time. In his new book Zero to One, Thiel offers a blueprint for startups on how to build the future. Forget everything you?ve learned in business school and rethink your assumptions. We?re taught from day one that competition is the cornerstone of capitalism. That progress is a byproduct of businesses dueling it out in the economic arena. But Thiel claims … Read More on GeekWire

Aortica raises $7M to treat aorta disorders with 3D-printing technology

Tom Douthitt.
Aortica Corporation, a Kirkland-based medical device manufacturer, has raised a $7 million funding round that will help complete a FDA study for the company’s newly-developed tools. Aortica has come up with a way to use 3D-printing technology to help patients suffering from Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Disease whose anatomy does not allow for conventional surgery. AAA, which affects up to 180,000 Americans each year, happens when a bulge forms in the aorta, the largest artery in the human body. To fix the disorder, doctors have been using a non-invasive method since the 90s called Endovascular Aortic Repair (EVAR) to insert a catheter into the aorta. This method speeds up recovery time … Read More on GeekWire