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Filing reveals Gravity Payments’ CEO pay and internal financial results

Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price received more than $908,000 in compensation in 2011, according to financial data made public in a new court filing, despite telling an interviewer last year that he was making "probably $50,000" that year, and describing it as the "most I'd ever made in my life" at that point.

The Obamas have terrible Wi-Fi and T-Mobile’s John Legere thinks he’s found the solution

Over the weekend, President Obama pledged to get “the whole tech thing” sorted out for the next first couple entering the White House.

This Seahawks star was obsessed with Pokemon as a kid and still plays today

We have more confirmation that Richard Sherman is a bonafide geek.

Amazon to compete with Fedex, UPS and Alibaba with secret ‘Dragon Boat’ plan, report says

Despite Amazon’s dismissal of the speculation that the company plans to compete directly with UPS and Fedex, Bloomberg says it has seen documents that show the Web retailer plans to do exactly that.

How Zillow came up with the Zestimate, and why it has become such a hit

When Zillow launched what is perhaps its most controversial feature, the “Zestimate,” company executives knew it would be provocative ? and they wanted it to be.

Super Thursday: LIGO schedules the big reveal about its gravitational wave quest

It looks as if scientists have chosen Thursday as the day to report a potentially Nobel Prize-winning discovery: the first detection of gravitational waves.

SwiftKey co-founder sold shares to buy bicycle, missing out on $250M Microsoft purchase

The road to success and riches can be long for a startup founder, but buying a bicycle may not make it any easier.