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Watch out, GoDaddy: Google’s no-fuss domain service poses threat to traditional registrars

Yesterday morning, Google let me into its new invite-only domain registration service, and I decided to give it a test run to figure out how scared traditional domain registration companies should be of the Internet giant encroaching on their territory. After my tests, if I were an executive at GoDaddy, Namecheap, or any other company that serves as a clearinghouse for web property, I’d be afraid. I’ve owned and managed various domains for the past five years, and the experience has rarely been great. That’s why Google started a domain registration service earlier this summer: to better attract small business owners... Read More on GeekWire

App of the Week: Doctory makes it painless to find doctors and schedule appointments

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.03.19 PM
Finding the right doctor takes time, research, and sometimes trial and error. But how much error are you willing to risk when it comes to your health? And how many friends do you have to call before you find one with a dentist or psychiatrist they recommend? Not to mention the endless phone trees and painfully long smooth jazz holds once you do find the perfect doc.Doctory, a new iPhone app, solves those problems by making doctor hunting and appointment scheduling simple, efficient, and most importantly, painless. Users sign up with their location and insurance plan to find doctors in every field... Read More on GeekWire

Square Cash app update lets users send and receive money via text message

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.42.28 PM
Mobile payment giant Square updated its Cash app today and it may change the way you make payments. The app now allows you to send and request money free of charge from any of your phone or email contacts via text message. Other changes include a faster and simpler interface, address book importing, user profile pictures, and a text-message or push notification request approval system. In addition, a new rewards system transfers $1 to your account every time someone you invite via text signs up for Cash. Square said that in the last year, users have sent and received millions of dollars on Cash, with more than... Read More on GeekWire

Forest products giant Weyerhaeuser moving to Seattle’s Pioneer Square tech hub

Weyerhaeuser, a 114-year-old forestry company based in Federal Way, Wash., is moving its workforce to the 200 Occidental building in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood.    Brian Wilson, chief of staff to Federal Way Mayor Jim Ferrell, told GeekWire via telephone this afternoon that the company will move 800 employees to Seattle in late 2016 and sell more than 430 acres of land in Federal Way. The company will keep its tech center, where 120 employees work, in Federal Way. Wilson said Weyerhaeuser has undergone “significant changes” in the past decade, and added that it has “been a good corporate partner with us.” “It’s... Read More on GeekWire

Spotify finally launches free music streaming on Windows Phone

Spotify released an update to its app for Windows Phone users that allows them to get free, ad-supported music streaming. The update finally brings the app to rough parity with its siblings on iOS and Android, which got the ability to stream gratis in December of last year. Like the capability Spotify brought to its other mobile apps, users can listen to a shuffled version of an artist’s entire discography on demand, or listen to playlists they’ve made or pre-selected. It’s not quite unlimited, on-demand streaming ? which the company reserves for Premium subscribers ? but it does provide free... Read More on GeekWire

AT&T shuffles the deck: Glenn Lurie to head up Mobility; Ralph de la Vega tapped for larger role

The wireless industry has seen more executive changes recently than it has in a decade. Today’s big move comes from AT&T, which is promoting Glenn Lurie to the position of president and CEO of AT&T Mobility. Lurie will continue to report to Ralph de la Vega, who is taking on an even larger role than before. He will become CEO of the company’s new Mobile & Business Solutions organization. Prior to Lurie’s new role, the Seattle Pacific University alum was president of the emerging devices division focused on coming up with nifty new uses of wireless technology, like home monitoring solutions, or a pill... Read More on GeekWire

Poll: Will Uber’s questionable marketing tactics force you to choose Lyft, or a taxi?

The Verge has a fascinating story today that examines Uber’s questionable recruiting tactics that is part of an attempt to take down its largest competitor. Internal documents show that Uber hires independent contractors to take Lyft rides as a way to convince drivers to leave Lyft and work for Uber. Some of these recruiters cancel Lyft rides to avoid being caught by Lyft. The report follows a similar story from earlier this month showing how Uber employees have canceled thousands of Lyft rides since last October in order to lower the amount of available Lyft drivers on the road, while also wasting the time of those... Read More on GeekWire