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Is there hypocrisy within Kshama Sawant's campaign?

Seattle City council member is in a bit of hot water over her handling of campaign staffers.

Snohomish council member called a racist in ongoing conflict

Snohomish City Council member Dave Somers was accused of a racist joke at a Tribal luncheon by the county executive. The Tribe, however, doesn't agree.

'Sad and sympathetic situation' for man who allegedly gets arrested on purpose

A man who may be down on his luck was arrested for allegedly robbing a bank in Bellingham of $1 just so he could get a roof over his head.

City's parking solutions somehow forget about cars

The Seattle Department of Planning and Development and the Seattle Department of Transportation submitted a set of recommendations to address the problems of parking in residential neighborhoods. The only problem is they ignore proposals that make it easier for residents and visitors with cars.

Cartoonist stands by controversial drawing depicting young shooting victim

Milt Priggee, who stirred up controversy with an editorial cartoon addressing the shooting death of a young child in Bremerton, is standing by his decision to portray the victim as an angel and an Uncle Sam holding handguns as the devil.

Cartoon exploits dead child for political points

What must it feel like exploiting the death of an innocent 2-year-old boy for political purposes based on ideologically driven reflexes? Jason Rantz says we'll have to ask a cartoonist and a newspaper editor.

$10K worth of belongings stolen from Everett Navy Lt. Cmdr.

Navy Lieutenant Commander Albert Budaszewski was on his way to San Diego before being deployed to the Middle East when nearly all his uniforms and medals were stolen.

Report: Hilary Clinton changed stance on trade deal after donations

A new report alleges shocking conduct by then-State Department head Hillary Clinton that has serious implications on her future run for President.

Extreme 'Distracted Driver' bill deserved to die in committee

The so-called distracted driver bill that would have expanded the state's ban on driving while using your phone is officially dead. It died in committee and it should have.

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