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San Francisco bicycle activists as silly as Seattle's activists

A few hundred bicyclist activists in San Francisco were upset when they were asked to follow traffic laws. Consequently, they tried to make a political statement.

Jason Rantz on television again

Roger Levesque, former Seattle Sounders FC star, and Jason Rantz were on New Day on Monday.

More rainbow crosswalks coming; this time to fight crime

With an eye towards addressing both safety concerns and changing demographics of the Capitol Hill neighborhood, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray will add more rainbow crosswalks. This is one of many moves the Mayor is making in the coming weeks.

Is there really a pedestrian battle for sidewalk space in Seattle?

While drivers struggle to find space to both park and drive on, with many lanes being converted to bike lanes 3.1 percent of commuters use and spots that are being converted to oft-ignored parklets, pedestrians are also unhappy. But is a new Pacific Northwest Magazine embellishing the truth a bit?

Mayor Murray's cowardly attack on media and use of race card

In a desperate and cowardly move to shift the blame over a bad housing policy recommendation, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is turning his attack on the nefarious, but unnamed "sensationalized reporting by a few media outlets."

Protesters think protesters who break laws shouldn't be punished

A number of protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement are making the argument that protesters in the movement who break the law should not be punished because that's not progressive, man!

Drivers are being forced to pay for state's debt this weekend

Many of you are going to be pretty much forced into paying a toll you would otherwise avoid this weekend.

Death of the 'gayborhood' is a sign of progress

Like it or not, the death of "gayborhoods" is a sign of progress, even if it does bring with it some feelings of loss. That, despite an article in that highlights one Capitol Hill resident's complaint that that Amazon killed his "gayborhood."

Why Marymoor Park's concert rules are ridiculous and will be broken

A policy in place at Marymoor Park concerts has some concertgoers a bit mad.

You won't believe this mindless attack on Amazon

A critic is taking issue with $20 million that Amazon has paid in fees towards affordable housing because it's not enough.

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