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Click bait: Here are two cute photos of foxes

I'm click baiting you with that title. You couldn't help but click it. It's an ugly Thursday and I can feel everyone out there being in a bit of a funk. So here are two adorable photos of foxes taken by Russian photographer Ivan Kislov.

Seattle's anti-cop activists will be dangerous after Ferguson

Seattle is bracing for potential violence after the grand jury decision on whether or not to indict Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. The activists who may commit the violence are anti-cop partisans and need to be called out as such.

GMO activists and their misguided attack on Starbucks

Activists are taking issue with Starbucks for being associated with a group suing over a GMO labeling law in Vermont. These activists base their position on bad science.

Sen. Patty Murray's dishonest call for gender equality

Senator Patty Murray argues we need a Congress that better reflects the gender diversity of this country. This is dishonest. What she really means is she wants more females in office that identify as Democrats.

Kshama Sawant wants Internet in Seattle tent cities

Councilmember Kshama Sawant wants a portion of the potential $100,000 set aside in the city's proposed budget for Seattle's homeless encampments to outfit tent cities with Internet access.

Paseo crowdfunding an awful idea

The crowdfunding push to reopen Paseo is lazy and unnecessary. Want to reopen the business? You should use your own money.

Do progressives care more about great sandwiches than workers?

Normally, Progressives aren't so understanding of those accused of crimes, but apparently their values can be pushed aside for a good sandwich from Paseo.

Progressive Seattle leaders ignoring crime issues

When I walk the streets of Seattle during the day or at night, with the exception of Pioneer Square and parts of Belltown, I almost always feel safe.

Seattle is not a city for the poor

For a city with leaders who often decry how expensive it is to live in Seattle, they sure do like taxing us, don't they? And the residents directly impacted don't seem to care either.

Why you should be worried about the passage of I-594

Now that, as polls predicted, Initiative 594 passed, you should actually be concerned. But not for the reason you may expect.

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