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Discussion: How should we show veterans we appreciate their service?

Stop saying thank you to troops for the sacrifices they've made -- that was the message coming from a rather provocative story in The New York Times earlier in the week where the message was that a growing number of enlisted and retired military don't want your thanks. We invited three veterans on to discuss this idea.

Even though Seattleites love to boycott, they'll eat Chik-fil-A

Who wants to join a boycott? Turns out a lot of you guys do. Gene Balk over at The Seattle Times has some new stats about the boycotting habits of this country and it turns out Seattleites in particular are pretty apt to boycott.

Is Bellevue Police Department going for B-listers in chief search?

The Bellevue Police Department unveiled their four finalists for the police chief position.

Anti-cop propaganda isn't journalism

Dishonest anti-cop propaganda, masquerading as journalism here.

SDOT director pushing propaganda you need to be aware of

Scott Kubly, the director for the Seattle Department of Transportation, has been making the rounds lately in order to push through propaganda that you need to be aware of.

Let Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood police itself

When you're not feeling safe in your neighborhood, is it a smart move to hire security? What if the security is just a bunch of off-duty police officers?

'Everything is Awesome' for producer

If you don't know who Shawn Patterson is yet, you will soon. He's on the brink of something big and he joins the show Monday night.

Parklets are symptomatic of Seattle's anti-car bias

At a time when everyone is complaining about the lack of parking in Seattle, how can the city roll out another useless parklet?

Rantz wants to know how tolls for I-405 HOV lanes will help congestion

State officials chose a toll system and more strict requirements in HOV lanes on I-405, rather than expanding the well-used freeway or adding light rail. Rantz wants to know how tolls for I-405 HOV lanes will help congestion

A heated debate over Academy Award nominees

Jason Rantz and Zak Burns discuss who will take home an Oscar during the 87th Academy Awards.

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