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Why is this video offending people?

Pharrell Williams launched a Happy Day movement, to which people are responding with their own videos set to his now overplayed hit "Happy."

Seattle man's story of discrimination at Uber has some holes

Will Anderson claims race played a part in his termination from the popular rideshare service.

Review Jason Rantz's first TV appearance

Jason was on New Day today. This was his first TV appearance. How do you think he did?

Disgusting attempt to exploit school stabbing tragedy

Even though there are several kids still in the hospital recovering, some ideologues can't help but exploit this tragedy to make cheap political points. A write for the Daily Beast is one of them.

Everything you need to hear before voting on Prop 1

How should you vote on King County Proposition 1? Dominic Holden, associate editor at The Stranger, and Bob Pishue, Transportation Director at the Washington Policy Center, join Rantz live in studio for an in depth debate on both sides of Prop 1.

Mount Vernon's Jim Caviezel rallies support from Hollywood A-listers for Oso

Washington-bred actor Jim Caviezel, known for best for his roles in "The Passion of the Christ" and his current TV series "Person of Interest" is stepping up to help victims of the mudslide in Oso.

What is harm of JBLM soldiers smoking marijuana?

Even though marijuana use is legal among those over 21 in the state of Washington, soldiers at JBLM still can't take part.

Should we bring 'predictive policing' to all of Washington?

  The LAPD has a computer program that analyzes all the crimes that happens in a certain areas, how often the crimes happen, the types of crimes, etc. They use this data to predict if another crime is likely to occur and in which area of neighborhood it's likely to happen. Should we bring this policy to WA?

Neil deGrasse Tyson, 'Cosmos' land squarely in geek universe

The geeks have risen up! That's, at least in part, the reason "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" host and world renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks his show got picked up to run in primetime on a major network.

Was filter on photos of Seattle helicopter crash offensive?

As news was breaking Tuesday over the KOMO TV helicopter crash, some photos went out from the Seattle Fire Department that had a filter on them.

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