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Interview: Seattle's Rainn Wilson embraces another unlikeable character and Seahawks

Seattle native Rainn Wilson has made a career out of playing unlikeable characters, most notably the curmudgeonly Dwight Schrute on NBC's hit series "The Office." So it should come as little surprise he's playing another despicable character in the new series 'Backstrom'.

Washington smart gun push ignores key issues

Gun control activists in Washington state are launching a new campaign aimed at pushing smart guns, which are essentially a type of gun with safety dictated by technology.

Man wants half of Washington state to be state of Madison

A Western Washington man wants to split Washington state into two separate states, but not simply down the Cascades.

Some principals now offering 'restorative justice' instead of suspension

Chances are, when you and I were in school if we did something wrong like getting caught skipping class, we'd get detention or suspended.

Watch: Twin Forks performs 'Kiss Me Darling'

Twin Forks is in studio with KIRO Radio's Jason Rantz to perform 'Kiss Me Darling.'

The most important article you'll read today

If you read nothing else today (or this month, even), make it this article in New York Magazine.

A case where caring for needy is actually selfish

A woman in Kent refuses to stop helping the needy in her community despite getting repeated complaints from city officials and the folks that live in her neighborhood.

Seattle City Council, Mayor push anti-death penalty propaganda

In a brazen attempt to shoehorn themselves into another issue they've got no real business being involved in, the Seattle City Council and Mayor Ed Murray have called on the Seattle delegation to the state Legislature to abolish the death penalty in the state of Washington. They make a partisan case.

Washington lawmaker pushes even stronger DUI laws

A new bill in the Washington state Senate would make it a felony to commit a fourth drunk-driving offense within 10 years. A sponsor of the bill says they should be going even further.

Puget Sound traffic nightmare is by design, not just from low gas prices

Kirkland-based research group INRIX says as gas prices fall, traffic gets worse in Seattle metro (though when that happens, it impacts a large chunk of the region). Yeah, no kidding. But traffic is as bad as it is by design.

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