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Fact Check: No, 27,000 King County men are not buying sex online

We've been told that 27,000 King County men are actively soliciting sex online at over 100 websites each day. I thought the number was exaggerated. I was right.

Is crime so out-of-control that Seattle police need sci-fi tech?

The Seattle Police Department's latest technology is something straight out of a movie.

College student denies club, claims 'Yacht' is offensive, elitist

A Pitzer College student senator helped deny official recognition of a club because of, in part, it's "problematic" name: the Yacht Club.

Rantz: Paid maternity leave is actually bad for women

If the talking points and political campaigns are to be believed, paid maternity leave (whether mandated by the government or offered voluntarily by businesses) is decidedly bad for women. But, they're wrong.

Seattle to kill two busy lanes, claims traffic won't suffer

Even though the First Hill streetcar is embarrassingly over-schedule and over-budget, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is pushing for another streetcar. They plan to jettison two general purpose traffic lanes for this project, in the heart of Downtown Seattle, but - get this - they claim it will have only minimal traffic implications. They're lying.

Politicizing shootings doesn't fix the problem

Jason Rantz believes the president's decision to politicize the school shooting in Oregon shoves people into their ideological corners.

Anti-police hate is about to get more intense in Seattle

I fear that anti-police rhetoric is going to get ratcheted up a few notches. But, first, the good news. There's an interesting poll out this week that highlights how Seattleites view the Seattle Police Department.

Seattle's campaign-finance reform measure has rich supporters of its own

Backers of Seattle's I-122 want big money out of local politics, but as Jason Rantz points out, they have big money of their own.

Selfish Portlanders telling us to stay away should stop

Despite his personal feelings for Portland, KIRO Radio's Jason Rantz says Portlanders need to accept change.

Young workers won't be able to keep up with Whole Foods

Whole Foods is known as "Whole Paycheck" and now they're doing something about it, but it's coming at the expense of some workers.

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