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Rantz: Seattle wants to essentially legalize heroin

Seattle: Home of progressive bullying, homeless encampments for days and, soon, safe spots to shoot up heroin. What a world class city we've become!

Seattle-Snohomish prison plan is ridiculous and dangerous

The City of Seattle and Snohomish County have come up with an incredibly dangerous plan that could put folks who live and work in Everett at risk. And not many people are talking about it.

Rantz: Anger over Seattle superintendent raise is 'ridiculous shaming' fueled by emotion

Parents are frustrated knowing that the Seattle School District's superintendent just received a nearly $14,000 raise.

Should you consider arming yourself against a terrorist attack in Seattle?

Should your average citizen arm themselves to protect against a homegrown terrorist act? King County Sheriff John Urquhart has a surprising answer.

Refusing refugees could be even more dangerous, Washington congress member says

Besides just the humanitarian issues, Suzan DelBene says there are risks to not addressing the refugee crisis and helping families in need.

King Co. Sheriff asks off-duty officers to carry guns, extra mags after Paris attacks

King County Sheriff John Urquhart has instructed off-duty deputies to carry their sidearm with extra magazine after the Paris attacks.

Homeless man uses machete to settle encampment dispute

While some activists push for more homeless encampments in neighborhoods that they don't live in, an incident alongside the Puyallup River is another sobering reminder that maybe we ought to rethink where we're placing these camps.

Rick Steves: Fear is for people who don't get out very much

The local European travel expert has plenty of ideas about why people are having trouble putting the Paris terrorist attacks in perspective.

Rep. Adam Smith: We need Muslim allies if we want to defeat ISIS

In the wake of the deadly attacks in Paris, governors have opposed taking in Syrian refugees. One Washington congressman says they're missing an important point.

Gov. Jay Inslee's Syrian refugee stance makes no sense, Rantz says

Governor Jay Inslee announced Monday morning that Washington State will continue to accept refugees seeking an escape from Syria, just days after the deadly ISIS terrorist attack in Paris. But his statement was more about making cheap political points, than staking out some moral high ground. Consequently, it makes absolutely no sense.

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