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The maddening revision of the Olympia shooting

I'll be the first one to admit that we don't know all the details that happened in the Olympia shooting this week that sent two men to the hospital. We're relying on limited testimony and audio evidence. But how about we all pretend to care about all the facts of the case currently presented, rather than revising the story to fit ideological views?

Critic defends letter chastising Seattle police for May Day tactics

The Community Police Commission is sticking with its opinion that some of the tactics used by Seattle police during protests go too far.

Where are all the parents?

With a spate of kids getting involved in serious crimes, one might ask: where are all the parents?

Here's a group that wants the Shell oil rig in Seattle

It turns out, not everyone hates the Shell oil rig. There are folks who like it &$8212 the folks who work on it.

I'm suffering from protester fatigue. Are you?

Is anyone else experiencing protester fatigue? I can't be the only one.

Update: Seattle police chief responds to criticism over May Day actions

Seattle's Community Police Commission wrote a dishonest email to the police chief with the goal of taking over public conversation about acceptable police tactics on May 1.

When helping addicts actually hurts them

At a time when you can walk around downtown Seattle and parts of the University District and spot an alarming number of used needles laying on the ground, a two-month old program by the People's Harm Reduction Alliance is going out and illegally giving between 25 and 30 free meth pipes to meth addicts. And it seems immoral.

Parklets - What are they good for? Absolutely nothing

What are parklets good for? Absolutely nothing if this weekend was any indication.

Why are environmentalists causing so much pollution?

I know, I know, I know: the protesters are making a "nuanced" argument (apparently) as they rekindle their rally to impact the afternoon commute. But why are they causing so much pollution?

This is a little embarrassing right?

The monumental resistance against Arctic drilling was a little... sparsely attended. We were told hundreds, if not thousands, were going to attempt to stop the oil rig from coming to Seattle but folks forgot to show up apparently.

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