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Feeling Smooth

I have never been more proud to own a particular athlete's jersey.

New Year, New TBTL, New You

Or maybe just slightly different versions of the same you and TBTL, but you're pretty cool, so I wouldn't sweat it if you don't start running marathons and flossing regularly this year.

It's time to say goodbye to The Ross and Burbank Show

Hear it while you can. Friday's edition of the Ross and Burbank Show was the final episode featuring crusader for common sense, Dave Ross, and well-known imaginary radio (podcast) host Luke Burbank.

Seattle reporter threatened with arrest for taking pictures of police activity

Stranger reporter Dominic Holden says he's confirmed with authorities he was well within his rights and operating totally legally when officers threatened to arrest him for taking photos of police activity in downtown Seattle on Tuesday.

A sex offender could be sitting next to your UW student

Prospective students applying to the University of Washington in 2014 will be asked for more than an answer to their essay questions. If they have a violent criminal past, or are a convicted Level 2 or 3 sex offender, they will have to check the box "yes" on the criminal background question.

Seattle pot smokers may face future fines for toking in public

When someone is drinking alcohol on the street, police can cite them for an "open container of alcohol." That's an infraction that winds up costing your around $27.

Macklemore video shoot mania rekindles fond memories for Seattle's Sir Mix-A-Lot

It's one of those moments that'll go down in music history, at least in Seattle. Macklemore's video shoot atop the Dick's Drive-In hamburger joint that drew thousands of frenzied fans to Seattle's Capitol Hill harkens back to other iconic rooftop gigs like U2 in LA or the Beatles atop Apple Records in London. But many have no idea the whole thing was actually an homage to Seattle's first hip-hop star Sir Mix-A-Lot.

What to do when your seatmate passes out on you

When it comes to flying, there's nothing worse than getting stuck in the middle seat, especially if you're getting sleepy.

Government now killing owls to protect owls

Federal wildlife officials plan to dispatch armed bird specialists into forests of the Pacific Northwest starting this fall to shoot one species of owl to protect another that is threatened with extinction.

Seattle coffee shop owner fights needle exchange on troubled stretch of Aurora Ave.

Should a non-profit that helps drug addicts and prostitutes along a rough stretch of Seattle's Aurora Avenue be allowed to start a needle exchange? If the owner of a neighboring coffee shop has his way, the answer is no.

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