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Former SuperSonic working at Starbucks?

He couldn't make a free-throw shot, but former SuperSonic Vin Baker is convinced an espresso shot is a different story.

A new line of reversible clothing with no tags or buttons is perfect for kids with autism

A former CNN anchor came up with innovative Independence Day Clothing after watching her autistic son struggle for 45 minutes to get dressed.

Cop killer Christopher Monfort sentenced to life in prison

A man who shot a police officer to death was sentenced to life in prison Thursday.

Buying into the earthquake scare is almost too expensive

It will take a lot more than a $30 survival kit to prepare for the big earthquake.

How much time do you give a knife-wielding man to stop, before you shoot?

Typically, people will question whether that officer's decision was justified. Maybe not so much in this case.

Why do you only drink tomato juice on airplanes?

Have you ever wondered why you order tomato juice on an airplane but rarely, or never, on the ground? Studies have been done, and experts have weighed in on the phenomenon.

Don O'Neill: Garbage collectors are refusing to pick up garbage

KIRO Radio's Don O'Neill believes garbage collectors in his neighborhood are digging through his trash, which is why it's not being picked up.

Don: Seattle's smells, downtown activity is downright embarrassing

A beautiful day in downtown Seattle turned sour with the rank odor of marijuana, urine and feces.

Russell Wilson explains why he chooses to Eat the Ball

Russell Wilson took time to chat about a new football-shaped bread called Eat the Ball. But Rachel Belle took the opportunity to ask questions we've all been wondering.

Don O'Neill: Russell Wilson has outgrown Seattle

The Super Bowl-winning quarterback might be outgrowing Seattle.

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