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How would housebound and homeless people survive a natural disaster?

After that frightening 'New Yorker' article came out, warning us that a big earthquake is bound to destroy the region, many of us started to prepare. But who will help the region's most vulnerable population?

A 'Black Lives Matter' textbook is coming for middle and high schoolers

A 'Black Lives Matter' textbook is slated for a January 2016 release. Written by a college professor and a journalist, it is intended for grades 6-12, and is Common Core approved.

Unchecked homeless issue in Seattle needs leadership

Don't just point fingers at the Seattle Police Department for the spreading homeless issue in the city.

Families of fallen firefighters trying to come to terms with loss

The families of three fallen firefighters are left to deal with the enormity of their loss.

Help us help the Methow Valley firefighters

Ron and Don are taking donations via GoFundMe for the firefighters who died while trying to save their community.

Why does Than Brothers give you a cream puff with your pho?

Wonder why Than Brothers gives you a complimentary cream puff at the start of your meal? Other pho restaurants don't. Let's visit the restaurant's Everett cream puff bakery to make sense of it all.

Don O'Neill takes looting in Chelan personal

Families in the path of wildfires plaguing the Chelan area now have one more thing to worry about: Looters.

Mutant lice resistant to treatment

The tiny insects that climb from head to head, making scalps itch and parents cringe, have mutated in a way that make them nearly impossible to kill with the usual treatments.

Seattle needs to 'swing for the fences' to end homelessness

Compared to some cities, Seattle is behind in its efforts to fix its homeless problem.

Jewish, Muslim and Christian kids from the US and Jerusalem come together at a Seattle summer camp

Kids4Peace summer camp brings Jewish, Muslim and Christian 12 year olds from Washington state together with 12 year old Palestinians and Israelis, from Jerusalem, for 12 days.

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