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As a coffee sign disappears from the highway, donations drop

Some local charities are going to be coming-up short in Snohomish County this year. It's not because the public has lost interest in their cause but because of a small sign that the state recently took down.

Man-made earthquakes contribute to more shakes at Mount St. Helens

Scientists studying Mount St. Helens are detecting far more earthquakes than usual, and they're adding to the seismic activity with explosions of their own.

Study: Legal pot not drawing tourists to Washington state

When recreational marijuana went on sale in Colorado this year, it sparked a sharp increase in tourism. But a new study finds so far, there's seemingly not much interest in visiting Washington state to purchase pot.

Dori Monson: How to resolve strife in Middle East and get a Seattle tunnel built

I have really shocking news for all the taxpayers of our region. We are just getting word that the repair of the Bertha tunnel is falling behind schedule. But I don't just like pointing out bad news. I have a solution.

Safeco Field racing to prep for Jay Z, Beyonce extravaganza

While the Mariners and Orioles were heading for extra innings Sunday, a long line of semi-trucks sat idle outside Safeco Field, waiting to begin loading in gear for Wednesday night's concert extravaganza featuring pop superstars Beyonce and Jay Z.

Tom Tangney: Pierce County Council resolution to display 'In God We Trust' irrelevant and political

A member of the Pierce County Council is proposing a permanent and prominent display of the national motto "In God We Trust" in the council chambers.

Long-time Seattle radio host Bob Rivers announces retirement

Bob Rivers thanked his listeners as he announced his retirement on his Monday morning radio show on KJR.

Police using GPS, radio signals to track missing children

Technology commonly used to protect the elderly who tend to wander away is now a tool for police to track down autistic children and other missing kids.

Tough time for crews digging in front of stalled Bertha to make repairs

Digging under Seattle, as crews have learned the hard way, is not easy to do.

Dry weather, warm temps for the next week across Washington

Dry weather is in the forecast and the Northwest isn't expected to see rain for over a week.

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