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Oso Strong shirts sell out; proceeds donated to victims

When President Obama visits the Oso mudslide on Tuesday, he'll likely see plenty of people wearing Oso Strong sweatshirts.

Five Nepalese guides on Seattle team killed in Everest avalanche

A Seattle-based guiding service says five Nepalese guides on its climbing team are among those who died in an avalanche on Mount Everest.

Local record stores surviving, thriving ahead of annual celebration

It's like Christmas day for music lovers. Saturday marks the 8th annual Record Store Day,a day to celebrate the continued survival and even success of record stores in Seattle and around the world.

Was that a tornado in Tacoma?

Part of Point Defiance Park in Tacoma is shut down Friday after what people in the area thought was a tornado.

Orting citizens take back streets, fight crime after murder

The murder of resident Mike Compton shocked the small town of Orting. The search continues for whoever shot him dead on his front lawn two months ago, but in the meantime, a group called Compton's Crew, named in his honor, is going on nightly patrols looking for criminal activity.

Report: Sheriff's deputy under investigation for allegedly aiding wife in prostitution

The King County Sheriff put three deputies on leave this week but wouldn't say why they were taken off the job.

Woman's fight against City of Seattle will continue, even in death

A listener send us a note yesterday and asked us whatever happened to that private parking lot near the Seattle Waterfront that the city wanted to condemn so it could turn it into a public parking lot. Here's what we found out.

Legalizers in denial

Professor Mark Kleiman of UCLA was one of the strongest voices arguing that if drinking alcohol didn't get you thrown in jail, neither should pot.

For Washington lawmakers, 'infrequent' freebies lack definition, consequences

When you're in Olympia, there is such a thing as free lunch. And free dinner. And free drinks. And, well, you get the idea.

Seattle rideshare ordinance suspended

Critics of Seattle's new ordinance regulating rideshare companies have filed enough signatures to suspend an ordinance that regulates the companies like UberX and Lyft.

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