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Is Marshawn Lynch's wardrobe appropriate?

He's no stranger to making a fashion statement, but Marshawn Lynch's latest choice has even his biggest fans scratching their heads.

Northwest skiers worried their grandkids won't be able to find snow

Our dismal snow pack this year has powder junkies wondering if the Pacific Northwest's ski industry is forever melting before our eyes.

Seattle mayor proposes $2.9 billion transportation plan

Mayor Ed Murray wants to invest $2.9 billion in the Seattle's transportation over the next 10 years.

Sex offender who illegally crossed border from Canada charged with burglary, rape

A Level III registered sex offender who illegally crossed the border from Canada two years ago has been charged with burglary and rape.

Missing baby and 12-year-old babysitter-cousin found

Seattle police continue their search for a missing child after a baby was found safe with family friends Monday morning.

Use of force: Seattle police officers learn to cope with tough decisions

It was near 23rd and Cherry streets that Ron Smith shot someone for the first time.

New police chief selected in Bellevue following two rounds of finalists

The City of Bellevue has selected a new police chief, and say he "the best" for the job.

Richard Sherman makes video plea to NBA: 'Bring Back Our Sonics'

On his way to the 101 Awards this weekend, Richard Sherman took the opportunity to plea for a different Seattle sports team.

The holodeck comes alive: Seattle at center of virtual reality boom

Thanks to advances in technology, virtual reality is poised to break out. Seattle is at the forefront, driven by all of the game developers and other tech companies that dominate the area.

Seattle doctors testing new peanut patch for allergy sufferers

The number of kids with peanut allergies has tripled in the last 20 years. But the Seattle Food Allergy Consortium is part of a promising new study that may bring some help.

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