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Teen mourns losing trees to development on Bainbridge Island

Less than 24 hours after a Bainbridge Island teen came down from her perch in a 70 foot tall evergreen, developers moved in to fell her beloved trees.

Two men killed in shooting at Kent gas station

Police have arrested a suspect and detained another in connection with a double murder outside a Kent gas station Wednesday morning.

'Business is good' for Seattle's black market pot dealers

While the state's legal pot market struggles to get on its feet, Seattle's black marijuana market is booming.

In predicting earthquakes, what do we really know about the next 'big one'?

The big one is going to hit. It's a question of when not if, but how much do we really know about forecasting the frequency of a massive earthquake off the Washington Coast?

Victim's mother: Seattle Schools ignoring other rape allegations

A federal investigation into the Seattle School District's handling of an alleged rape during a Garfield High School field trip continues, as demonstrators picketed the Seattle School Board meeting Wednesday over the district's handling of the incident.

Are criminals taking over Seattle's Golden Gardens?

A man enjoying some time at Seattle's Golden Gardens Park was the victim of an armed carjacking Tuesday evening.

Dueling gun initiatives seek opposite outcomes on universal background checks

Washington has dueling gun initiatives on the November ballot. I-594 and I-591, seek to do the opposite of each other when it comes to universal background checks.

Jenise Wright's siblings to remain out of family home for time being

The siblings of murdered 6-year-old Jenise Wright will continue staying with their grandparents following a custody hearing Monday in Port Orchard.

Seattle police officer back on patrol after pot ticket controversy

A Seattle police officer at the center of a controversial pot ticket debacle has been returned to patrol, KIRO Radio has learned.

Bainbridge teen ends tree-sit to block shopping center development

When Chiara D'Angelo-Patricio learned developers planned to cut down 800 trees for a new Bainbridge Island shopping center, she burst into tears. Now, she's taken to the treetops in hopes of halting the project.

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