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Don O'Neill questions latest bikini barista bust: 'They should just legalize that'

Last week, the owner Java Juggs, a well-known series of bikini barista stands in south Snohomish County, was charged for allegedly running drive-thru brothels.

Hiker dies after fall on trail in Snohomish County

A hiker who sustained a head injury on a trail near Spada Lake in Snohomish County has died.

Man dead, woman injured in Kitsap County stabbing

A woman is injured and a man is dead following a stabbing north of Bremerton.

Edmonds-Kingston ferry route returns to normal two-boat service

The Kingston-Edmonds ferry route has returned to normal two-boat service after an early morning fuel leak caused service delays.

Lynnwood's Kenneth Bae asking U.S. for help in gaining release from North Korea

Lynnwood missionary Kenneth Bae has once-again begged the U-S government to intervene to earn his release from a North Korean work camp.

Tharold Simon: What it's like to join the Legion of Boom

It's never easy being the new guy, especially when you're walking into the best secondary in the National Football League, but Tharold Simon is already making his mark with the Legion of Boom.

Seattle University encouraging students to use iWitness to protect themselves

Everyday, we find new uses for our smart phones. They entertain us, inform us and now, protect us.

Mover thrilled to be able to save Enchanted Valley Chalet

The 84-year-old Enchanted Valley Chalet might be one big rainstorm from plummeting into the Quinalt River.

Man found unconscious, trapped under van in North Seattle

A man in his 60's was found unresponsive and trapped under the tire of a van he was working on in North Seattle Friday.

Trying to find peace and quiet in Seattle this weekend?

Labor Day Weekend is a big one for Seattle, but what if you want to get away from the crowds? We went to an expert for some insight.

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