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Seattle doctors testing new peanut patch for allergy sufferers

The number of kids with peanut allergies has tripled in the last 20 years. But the Seattle Food Allergy Consortium is part of a promising new study that may bring some help.

Blooming early: UW cherry trees will be most vibrant second week of March

The Yoshino cherry trees are expected to be in full bloom by March 9, according to UW botanist Clarence Geyen.

New baby killer whale caught on video

There's new video of a killer whale calf recently born to the L-pod.

By 2017 you won't be able to use the I-90 express lanes

You'd better get your drives across the I-90 express lanes in now. They are going away. Construction that begins this week marks the beginning of the end of driving across the inner roadway.

First the Sonics, now Oklahoma City gets Seattle's elephants

Two Asian elephants from Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo will be moved to the Oklahoma City Zoo this spring.

Illegal freeway camps cost state $250K every year to clean up

The Washington State Department of Transportation says it spends $250,000 a year cleaning up illegal camps and 80 percent of those dollars are spent in the Seattle area.

Bomb threat reported at high school in Des Moines

Police are investigating a bomb threat at Mt. Rainier High School in Des Moines.

Classes canceled at Bellevue high school after rumors of a shooting

Classes at Interlake High School have been canceled for the rest of the day after Facebook rumors of a school shooting Friday.

UW burglary suspect contacts police, other break-ins still being investigated

The man shown in a surveillance video sneaking into a University of Washington sorority house last week was interviewed by police Thursday.

Despite increasing sales, legal pot businesses warn of impending disaster if changes not made

While legal pot sales continue to increase each month in Washington state, a number of marijuana businesses are warning of dire consequences if changes aren't made to the laws.

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