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Semi hanging over I-5 jams morning commute to Seattle

A semi-truck that lost control and went through or over a guardrail is going to cause some long-term delays on northbound I-5.

Frustrated Seattle parent donates $70K to save teacher's job

A Ballard parent donated more than $70,000 to save a teacher at a West Seattle school his kids will never attend.

Sammamish woman convicted of killing 2 in DUI crash arrested for drinking

The Sammamish woman who killed her husband and son-in-law after taking sleeping pills, drinking wine and driving, is in jail again for consumption of alcohol.

Why Seattle under budgets its major projects

Upgrades to Seattle firehouses are coming in over budget by millions of dollars, and it's not the only city project that has come in beyond the expected price.

The wettest neighborhood in Seattle is...

In a city famous for rain, one neighborhood in Seattle has the distinction of being wetter than any other.

Great ShakeOut preparing Pacific Northwest for the inevitable

One million people have committed to preparing for what experts are saying is the inevitable.

Neil deGrasse Tyson blames Seahawks' loss on Earth's rotation

The Seahawks can blame the universe for their loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

Seattle, Olympia celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day

More cities are recognizing Native Americans on Columbus Day this year as they revive a movement to change the name of the holiday to celebrate the history and contributions of indigenous cultures around the country.

Windstorm knocks out power across Puget Sound

Strong winds brought down trees and knocked out power for some people across the Puget Sound on Saturday.

WSDOT sues Seattle Tunnel Partners over tunnel project

The Washington State Department of Transportation has filed a lawsuit against Seattle Tunnel Partners, the contractor behind the massive tunneling project to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

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