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Coalition focused on Seattle homelessness admits it can't be done

The Committee to End Homelessness is no longer trying to end homelessness.

John Curley: US culture might be to blame for mass shootings

It might be that we can't blame guns for mass shootings, but rather our culture, KIRO Radio's John Curley suggests.

Paris without cars: Tom goes to his own personal heaven

France's capital city has a strikingly similar attitude toward cars and bikes as Seattle in recent years. Can Seattle learn from Paris?

Is the father to blame in the wake of the Marysville tragedy?

Jaylen Fryberg's father, Raymond, was found guilty of illegal possession of firearms, adding to the question of whether the father is responsible for his son's deadly actions.

An East Coast solution to Seattle's I-405 express lane problem

If you're one of the drivers stuck in the I-405 general purpose lanes, you no doubt have some growing animosity for the people zooming past in the HOV lanes.

Curley tries to help homeless; drives away discouraged

John Curley learned a valuable lesson the last time he did a homeless count with the Union Gospel Mission in Seattle. But he's having a hard time practicing the message.

Curley: It could have been any of us on the Aurora Bridge

It's tough to relate to an event where more than 700 people are killed, when it happens in Saudi Arabia. While clearly devastating, the personal connection for some just isn't there.

Expedia should consider trebuchet to launch workers to Seattle

Expedia is willing to pay its employees up to $1,500 each for their commute to Seattle, once the company moves from Bellevue.

You might be why Seattle women are big drinkers

A recent study found that King County women rate among the heaviest drinkers in the nation. One local writer claims that boring men are a prime cause.

Classic, but terrible way to teach children a lesson

Parents have long forced kids to smoke or drink to teach them the negative effects of the vices. But what happens when the lesson backfires?

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