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Tom Tangney: You can't use NERF during Thanksgiving football

Do you intercept your 8-year-old cousin's pass? Some major smack-talk between two backyard family gatherings.

Curley on Lynch: 'These things end this way'

The Seahawks' star running back is flying out to Philadelphia to have an abdominal injury examined.

A song that Curley can only partially play on the saxophone

On the heels of his on-air jam session with a KIRO Radio co-worker, John Curley explains why he only knows one part of one song.

Did Rep. Rodne backtrack after making anti-Muslim comments?

After State Rep. Jay Rodne made comments about Muslim on Facebook, he has gone on the record to clarify his statements. Tom Tangney thinks it's "damage control."

'Nasty' Seattle defense spells trouble for Kaepernick-less 49ers

It's going to be interesting to see how well, or not so well, the 49ers do against the Seattle Seahawks without a skittish quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

John Curley decries the 'hashtag mentality' to terrorist attacks

Are you someone who changes a Facebook profile photo and Tweets to support Paris, or does that person bother you?

Data shows 'Nones' aren't totally opposed to religion

When it comes to religion in the United States there is a group larger than the Catholic population called "Nones."

'You can't defeat an ideology with a bullet'

To destroy ISIS, the supporters need to be inoculated, sort of like the polio, KIRO Radio's John Curley says.

John Curley has tough questions over paid paternity leave in King County

King County is considering giving employees 12 weeks of paternity leave. The issue prompted some hardball questions from John Curley.

Does paying for tickets make you a bigger Seahawks fan?

Tom and Curley go head-to-head over who is the biggest football fan. Is it more about an emotional or financial investment?

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