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Ferndale's donkey basketball games are 'simply wrong' and 'boring'

It may seem an unnatural fit, but donkeys have been part of a 42-year tradition in Ferndale that animal rights groups are upset over.

Tom and Curley's Sidekick Spectacular March 11th

Join Tom Tangney and John Curley on March 11th at Hales Ales for the debut of Sidekick.

Here's one of the few taxes John Curley stands behind

John Curley generally dislikes the idea of paying new taxes, but even he saw the wisdom in Seattle voters' strong support a new levy.

'Sandman Act' makes 'so much sense' for Washington students

A state Senate committee unanimously passed a bill to study how students perform at schools that have later start times, the Associated Press reports.

Can this city tempt Seattle's tech workers to move?

As Seattle draws thousands of new workers to tech companies, amid a rental crisis, a neighboring city wants a piece of the pie. Would you move to Bremerton?

Tangney: Self-driving cars won't stop another vehicle from smashing into you

Google will be testing its self-driving car project in Kirkland, with the first of its vehicles to be on local streets this month.

Curley: Let Seattle's bike-share program die a natural death

The Seattle City Council is going to decide whether or not the city's bike-share program is worth a $1.4 million bailout.

Here's a way to gauge whether Seattle police are being proactive

Seattle communities may be feeling more confident about the Seattle Police Department, but John Curley isn't confident that the SPD is actually doing a better job.

Why throwing money at the homeless problem might not be the answer

KIRO Radio's Tom Tangney and Danny O'Neil debate Seattle's homelessness crisis and possible solutions.

First Hill Streetcar launches, but riders are still waiting

After an 18-month delay, it was a different kind of waiting that had at least a few of the streetcars riders wanting for more.

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