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William Shatner wants Seattle's water; proposes pipeline

Actor William Shatner proposes to build a pipeline from someplace, such as Seattle, to help solve California's drought problem.

Is Seattle fueling homelessness?

Is the amount of money the city of Seattle is spending on homeless programs contributing to the growing population?

Mom and Dad got divorced, but didn't tell a son

With dirty laundry slung over his shoulder, a college-aged John Curley walked into what he thought was his parent's home. At least, he thought it was his parent's home.

What annoys Tom at work and Curley's best impersonations

On this episode of Ask Tom & Curley Anything, Tom tells us what annoys him at work and Curley muddles through his best impersonation.

Gov. Inslee suggests to reporter they 'go out in the alleyway'

Governor Jay Inslee was annoyed by a reporter's question on Wednesday and suggested they "go out in the alleyway."

What does John Curley do in his spare time?

On this episode of Ask Tom & Curley Anything, Curley tells us how he likes to spend rare free time.

Michael Bennett very briefly considers career in politics

Michael Bennett is known for his personality on and off the field. But could that personality translate to politics?

Crime rate relatively low in downtown Seattle; are there places to avoid?

How safe is Seattle at night? John Curley offers Tom Tangney a scenario.

Tom filmed a dying cat

A conversation about pets on the campaign trail took an interesting turn Wednesday.

John Curley defends himself against 520 bridge penalty in mock court appointment

How did John Curley fare in a mock court appointment with co-host Tom Tangney serving as the judge?

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