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Matt Damon to wear Russell Wilson jersey if Seahawks win Super Bowl

Longtime New England fan Matt Damon may be sporting a Russell Wilson jersey on national TV if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.

If you were a Seahawk, who would you be?

In this edition of Ask Tom & Curley Anything, the guys consider which Seattle Seahawks player they would be.

Calories on the menu: Why do you still eat things that are bad for you?

A recent study indicates that more people are observing calorie information posted at restaurants in King County after the labels were made mandatory. But are people making better choices?

President Obama's best State of the Union moment

Because the State of the Union address is so rehearsed, KIRO Radio's Tom Tangney's favorite moment was when President Obama strayed from the script.

John Curley's Packer fan friend not taking loss well

Imagine being a Green Bay Packers fan yesterday. Delirious for more than three quarters, visions of a Super Bowl just minutes away. Then the soul crushing Seahawks comeback that dashed the dreams of cheeseheads everywhere.

Final call as heard in Seattle vs. Green Bay

Seahawks play-by-play announcer Steve Raible goes crazy as Jermaine Kearse drops into the end zone to win the NFC Championship game Sunday.

Who is the best radio talk host at KIRO?

In this edition of Ask Tom & Curley Anything, the guys consider who the best talk show host is. They also do a little singing.

Would you rather be rich or famous?

In this edition of Ask Tom & Curley Anything, Tom and John consider whether they'd rather be rich or famous and where they'd go if they could fly anywhere.

Why won't anyone take John Curley's money?

John Curley made a New Year's resolution to give away $5 to a complete stranger every week, but no one will take it.

Would you welcome rest stop for homeless in your neighborhood?

How would you feel about an "Urban Rest Stop" popping up in your neighborhood?

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