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Curley: Always being awe-struck defeats the purpose

People who feel the "awe" emotion may be much healthier than those who don't, according to a new study.

How John Curley ended up wearing dirty underwear for years

All parents want their children to be successful, but according to a recent survey, many are turning away from requiring their kids to do household chores, a responsibility that studies have shown may be more linked to success than piano or Mandarin lessons.

Is John Curley's life lesson brutal?

John Curley gave a speech to his kid the other day that another parent said was "brutal." Take a listen to his message, see what you think.

Which KIRO host should go to Mars?

On this edition of Ask Tom & Curley Anything, the guys consider which KIRO Radio talk host should head to Mars.

John Curley doing battle with 520 bridge, taking Good to Go to court

Since the beginning of toll collection on the 520 bridge, KIRO Radio's John Curley has been staging a single-man protest. It's too bad he lost the fight.

What do you like about being Irish?

In this edition of Ask Tom & Curley Anything, the guys think about what they like and dislike about their Irish heritage.

Tom & Curley: Starbucks idea of serving race with coffee jaw-droppingly pie in the sky

Starting this week, baristas around the country are encouraged to write "Race Together" on cups to spark conversations about race.

Are you fed up with CrossFitters?

CrossFit gyms seem to be popping up in near every neighborhood, but not all the neighbors are happy about it.

No one wants Edith Macefield's Ballard home - at least at this price

Somewhat ironically, no one bought Edith Macefield's boarded-up old Ballard home Friday at auction.

Should we feel bad for Jake Locker?

Former Huskies quarterback Jake Locker announced his retirement this week, calling it a career at age 26 after just four seasons in the NFL. The news left some fans feeling bad for Locker, but should they?

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