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Salmonella outbreak reported after people cuddle, kiss chickens

Chickens have caused a Salmonella outbreak across multiple U.S. states, including Washington, leading the CDC to recommend not cuddling with your chickens.

Fingerprint everyone at birth to keep criminals off the streets

A finger print on a road flare might be the only thing connecting two men with fires on I-5.

A glimpse into Tom and Curley's childhoods

In this week's edition of Ask Tom and Curley Anything, Tom's cutesy childhood story proves Curley is the more evil of the two.

Are Seattle police resisting a change in culture?

Two Seattle officers are under investigation for controversial comments made during a recent de-escalation training.

Ketchum, Idaho is the future Seattle for drivers

Urban cycling can be a dangerous game, but it may be the cyclists themselves making it such a harrowing venture.

John Curley: Stop complaining about the heat; it builds character

Listen to what weatherman John Curley has to say about the Pacific Northwest heat wave.

Danny O'Neil: Seattle could be a 'bonkers' hockey market

The National Hockey League is in the process of expansion. Unfortunately for Seattle hockey fans, things aren't looking good.

Tom is jealous of no one and John answers deserted island question

In this week's edition of Ask Tom and Curley Anything, Tom says he's jealous of no one and John is forced to make his 'stranded on a desert island with a co-worker' decision.

Is this the work of an artist or criminal on Bainbridge Island?

Why has this orange block divided Bainbridge Island? Tom and Curley go head-to-head over whether the mysterious paint job is art, or a crime.

Is this the most annoying restaurant trend today?

Tom and Curley are at odds over proper dining etiquette and cannot agree over what one food writer calls, "the most annoying restaurant trend happening today."

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