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Video: Hit-and-run with SUV and cyclists in Seattle

An 18-year-old driver crossed the path of a cyclist in South Lake Union and struck him before speeding away. The biker was recording video at the time.

Would you bet against your own child in sports?

John Curley likes to make bets while his kids are playing soccer. But would he bet against his own child? Yes. Yes, he would.

Have Seattleites become desensitized to the sound of gunfire?

Another day, and another gun shot or three. Has Seattle become so riddled with gunfire that locals have become desensitized to rising numbers of shootings?

Curley: When a cyclist answers nature's call, don't interrupt

A cyclist in Idaho got into a stink after he answered nature's call, which reminded John Curley of his own, embarrassing experience.

Two deputies could be fired for dishonesty, but that's not the bigger story

Feliks Banel said that folks are missing an important point in a story about two deputies facing termination for allegedly being dishonest in an official report.

Curley's past campaign shows it doesn't take much to get contributions

Surprise. Wealthy homeowners, primarily white, are funding political campaigns in Seattle.

Seattle confession boards are cheesy and awkward

Is the anonymous confession board appearing around Seattle helpful, or is it just cheesy?

Tom ran straight into a tree and has the scar to prove it

In this edition of Ask Tom and Curley Anything, Tom tells a dramatic story about an injury and Curley reveals something he's always wanted to try.

By default, Tom and Curley among nation's most handsome men

A recent accounting of certain factors indicate that Seattle men are more handsome than elsewhere. What makes Seattle men so good looking?

If Tom had only one month to live...

In this edition of Ask Tom and Curley Anything, Tom talks about what he'd do if he had only one month to live. Curley reveals his favorite interview.

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