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  • The Big Lead: Striking school hypocrites

  • The Fastest 15... 1:33 Crazy details of woman who turned her dream home into a young couple's nightmare. 1:45 New audio from this crazy stalker

  • The Big Lead@2 2:33 Awesome Audio of the Day!!! 2:45 Today's sign...THE END IS NEAR!!!

  • 12:06 The Big Lead 1) Teacher walk out 2) Gov't employee walk out 3) Cancer charity scams 4) Letterman farewell 12:32 Letterman finale Guest

  • 1:06 Fastest 15 1) 9 yo Marysville robber 2) Local CEO who promised all of his workers 70K a year 3) Parasailing gone wrong 1:32 Guest: Travis

  • 2:06 Big Lead number 2 Couple who gives their estate to the gov't 1) Teachers and gov't employee walkout 2) $30 hot dogs in NY, hot dog scams! 3)

  • Teacher strikes. Seattle rents going up? 12:33 Sen Michael Baumgartner joins us to talk about his "no pay" solution for striking teachers. 12:45

  • The Fastest 15... 1:33 The Barbershop, Seg 1 1:45 The Barbershop, Seg 2

  • The Big Lead@2 More on teacher strike and the FTC just came down on a scam cancer charity who made 187 MILLION dollars

  • The Big Lead: Looks like more delays for Bertha, of course. 12:33 Kshama Sawant, an elected official, says elected officials have failed Washington

  • The Fastest 15... 1:33 Congresswoman under fire for Indian War Chant. 1:45 Little girl's lemonade stand to raise money for family's burned down

  • More on further Bertha delay

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