The Informed Gardener

Each week, Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott addresses the most common myths and misconceptions that plague home gardeners and horticultural professionals. She offers invaluable advice to both the seasoned and novice gardeners. Linda has a Ph.D. in Horticulture from Oregon State University and is an ISA certified arborist. She is WSU's Extension Urban Horticulturist.
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  • Armor from insects, best ways to use ladybugs and more gardening myths debunked!

  • Myth busting, soap-box standing, Summer tip giving - Informed Gardener, Linda Chalker Scott - has it all for us gardeners today

  • Linda what grows at 61 degrees north latitude, and speaks with master gardeners from Alaska

  • Store bought or home-grown? Linda reveals which methods are better for you and your skin

  • Linda asks, is plant knowledge passe? Landscape architecture and Soest gardener, Riz Reyes

  • Season 3 is here! Spring cleaning is in order

  • Why you should resolve to create and maintain your own compost pile

  • Linda interviews Dr. Rita Hummel about 'chilling' and what you should know about your indoor plants

  • Linda interviews Dr. Gary Chastagner, WSU's Christmas tree expert

  • Linda visits with Dr. Sarah Reichard at the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle

  • Linda interviews Seattle shoppers at the nurseries

  • Linda spends an afternoon at Recovery 1; a recycling company that handles more than paper scraps

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