Ross Files with Dave Ross

Attorney Gabriel Galanda - Stopping Tribal Disenrollment

Originally aired: Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Category: News
Gabriel Galanda represents the "Nooksack 306," the 300-plus people who are being kicked out the Nooksack Tribe. As gaming revenues flush the coffers of tribes and tribal councils vie for power, the process of disenrollment is disenfranchising and divorcing people from their very identities as tribal members and pitting family against family. And it's not just a local issue -- it's happening around the country. In another can't-miss interview, Dave Ross explores the deeply troubling phenomenon of tribal disenrollment with Gabriel Galanda, delving into the root causes, social ramifications for those disenrolled, and the implications for tribal sovereignty under the Trump administration. Listen in for the full un-edited conversation you can only find on the RossFiles podcast!

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