LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman shares startup secrets

Originally aired: Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Category: News
It's been 15 years since Reid Hoffman co-founded LinkedIn. The company was acquired by Microsoft last year for $2.6 billion and Hoffman now sits on Microsoft's board,  but he's still very much an entrepreneur. On this episode of the GeekWire Podcast, we share Hoffman's full talk at the recent Technology Alliance Luncheon in downtown Seattle, where he shares thoughts on how to drive entrepreneurship, the success of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and, of course, Settlers of Catan. Follow all our coverage, including more on Hoffman's talk, at GeekWire.com. Thank you to this week's sponsors: Wealthsimple -- GeekWire listeners pay no management fees for a year when they invest up to $15,000 on Wealthsimple's automated investing platform. GoDaddy -- who is offering GeekWire listeners 35 percent off their purchase of a GoDaddy domain. Just use offer code gearedup35 at checkout.