A controversial ad splits the GeekWire team

Originally aired: Friday, May 12, 2017
Category: News
An ad placed on Seattle's bus lines has caused an uproar on the web, and a fierce debate in the GeekWire offices. The ad was for Code Fellows, a Seattle-based coding school, and made what some saw as insensitive comments about Seattle's housing crisis. We unpack the ad and the issues behind it in this lively, debate-style episode of the GeekWire Podcast. Follow all our coverage, including our story on the ad, at GeekWire.com Thank you to this week's sponsors: Wealthsimple -- GeekWire listeners pay no management fees for a year when they invest up to $15,000 on Wealthsimple's automated investing platform. GoDaddy -- who is offering GeekWire listeners 35 percent off their purchase of a GoDaddy domain. Just use offer code gearedup35 at checkout.