Freakonomics founders on how data is changing the world

Originally aired: Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Category: News
Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt have more in common than a first name: They're also fanatics about numbers. GeekWire's Todd Bishop sat down with Dubner and Levitt, founders of the popular Freakonomics podcast and books, at Microsoft's Data Insights Summit this week. On this episode of the GeekWire podcast, the three talk about everything from healthcare to Amazon to how data is changing the world. Follow all our coverage, including more about Microsoft's Data Insights Summit, at GeekWire.com Thank you to this week's sponsors: Wealthsimple -- GeekWire listeners pay no management fees for a year when they invest up to $15,000 on Wealthsimple's automated investing platform. Wealthsimple.com/geekwire GoDaddy -- who is offering GeekWire listeners 35 percent off their purchase of a GoDaddy domain. Just use offer code gearedup35 at checkout, goddaddy.com.