Hands on: Microsoft's new Surface Laptop and Apple's new iPad Pro

Originally aired: Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Category: News
Microsoft is getting into the hardware business in a big way, and its new Surface Laptop is poised to compete with the likes of the MacBook Pro and other leading devices. We get our hands on one for our very first unboxing on this week's episode of Geared Up. Plus, we take a look at Andru's new iPad Pro 10.5 inch, complete with an preview of iOS 11. We'll discuss how the devices stack up against Todd's new MacBook Pro and also dive into Andru's favorite game from this year's E3 --  Super Mario Odyssey. Follow all our coverage at GeekWire.com and subscribe to our live behind-the-scenes videos on GearLive, youtube.com/gearlive Thank you to this week's sponsor: GoDaddy -- who is offering GeekWire listeners 35 percent off their purchase of a GoDaddy domain. Just use offer code gearedup35 at checkout, goddaddy.com.