Amazon vs. Zillow and tech's diversity problem

Originally aired: Friday, July 14, 2017
Category: News
It looks like Amazon is getting into the real estate services market, setting it up to compete with real estate tech companeis Zillow and Redfin. We discuss what the new venture could mean, and if the company will find success, on this episode of the Week In Geek. Plus, tech's diversity problems have been on full display this week with a new initiative to make startup boards more diverse and a high-profile resignation over allegations of sexual harassment. Follow all our coverage and read the stories we talked about this week at GeekWire.com Thank you to this week's sponsors: The University of Washington's Human Centered Design and Engineering department. Learn more about them at: www.hcde.washington.edu/ Hughes Marino, the commercial real estate company now expanding to Seattle. Learn more about them at: hughesmarino.com