Ross Files with Dave Ross

Bree Loewen, Seattle Mountain Rescue, "Found"

Originally aired: Monday, July 24, 2017
Category: News
The beauty of the Pacific Northwest can be experienced in no greater measure than through exploration of the backwoods, mountains, and wild places so close to our backyards. And yet, exploring those areas of unfiltered beauty can also expose us to extreme risk. That's where Bree Loewen comes in with Seattle Mountain Rescue, literally ready to swoop and traverse in to save those who have lost their way. She's written a book about her experience with Seattle Mountain Rescue titled, "Found." Find for yourself her stories and wisdom from the paths-less-traveled, and what it takes to rescue those who find themselves on the edge of civilization, with no one else to call on for help. She is an inspiring voice and a trusty guide into a world many of us venture into, and all hope to never require her services in...

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