Ring My Belle

Ring My Belle: More girls Write in Diaries Now, Than They Did in the 90's!

Originally aired: Friday, January 18, 2013
Category: News
1. The Django Unchained action figures will no longer be sold, because of cries of protest. Also, a show I've talked about a couple of times on RMB, "All My Baby Mamas" will not make it to the Oxygen Network's air, because so many people are opposed to it. 2. More girls write in diaries now, then they did in the 90's. I'm surprised too! 3. A couple put up a craigslist ad, seeking someone to come into their bedroom and impersonate Pat Robertson while they have sex. Oh, and they wanted a Home Shopping Network impersonator as well. 4. Some people are born with a a gene that prevents their armpit sweat from smelling bad. Yet, the vast majority of these people still wear deodorant. I know! Hard hitting news!