Ring My Belle

Ring My Belle: The Lady Who "Found" A Finger in Her Wendy's Chili Is Up To Her Old Tricks

Originally aired: Friday, February 22, 2013
Category: News
1. Remember a few years back when a lady said she found a finger in her chili? And turns out she planted it herself as a scam? Well, she's back to her old lies & perhaps more jail time. 2. Former Sonic player Robert Swift refuses to leave his foreclosed Sammamish home, even though it's been purchased by new owners. 3. There is now evolutionary evidence as to why straight women are often BFF's with gay men. 4. "Psychology Today" divides up the country according to "missed connections." Most Washingtonians write them about someone they saw on a bus. Most of the south writes about people they peeped at Walmart.

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