Locker Room Cancer

Ep. 4 - Flagrant Fouls... On Kids in Little League and Pros

Originally aired: Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Category: Sports
In this episode, Brian and Andrew talk about flagrant fouls in sports. Brian talks about how he laughs when kids cry in little league and would have his players throw at kids he hates while Andrew focuses on the latest calls in the NBA, more specifically Ibaka's foul on Blake Griffin and Bareas foul on Ray Allen. They also discuss their past weekend in Scottsdale, AZ for Mariners Spring Training and Brian having to pay a stripper $60 to leave him alone. For road games on this episode, they interview comedian Jono Zalay from San Diego about his home teams and Jono unveils the greatest sports promo song ever... "San Diego... Super Chargers!" Follow Brian at http://mootecomedy.com or @MootePoints Follow Andrew Sleighter at http://AndrewSleighter.com or @AndrewSleighter.com Follow the Locker Room Cancer Show at http://lockerroomcancer.com or @LockerRmCancer Follow Jono Zalay at http://jonozalay.com or @JonoZalay Intro beat courtesy of Thad Wenatchee from DepanABLE Services. Check him out at @ThadIsRad.

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