Ring My Belle

Ring My Belle: A Seattle Mom is Trying To Raise $25,000 For Boston Marathon Victims

Originally aired: Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Category: News
1. A photo posted by the New York Daily News edited out a woman's wounds, caused by the explosions in Boston on Monday. It brings up the question: when is editing okay in journalism? 2. King 5 reports, a Seattle mom, running the Vancouver marathon on May 5th, wants to raise $25,000 to help victims pay for their medical bills. 3. Reddit readers are trying to super sleuth, and figure out how caused the explosions. 4. An old episode of "Family Guy" has been pulled from the web because it depicted a character running over runners at the Boston Marathon. Meanwhile, someone has edited the episode to make it look even worse. That's still circulating on the web.

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