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Free Jon Greenberg

Originally aired: Thursday, June 6, 2013
Category: News
About 100 parents and students from one Seattle high school took on the school board last night in defense of one teacher carrying signs and occasionally shouting "Free Jon Greenberg." Now that Staff Sergeant Robert Bales has legally admitted to the slaughter of civilians in Afghanistan, his attorneys must convince a jury that he deserves a chance at life outside prison. Tim Haeck reports from JBLM. Drowning is silent. There is no splashing. There is no calling for help. Chris Sullivan has a story that may help you save someone's life. 5 things to know for Thursday. A case in Shoreline has been quite the roller-coaster ride for King County detectives over the past five days, who say it highlights flaws in the bail system. Brandi Kruse has the story about a repeat offender who recently tried to abduct a child. Everybody knows what the Eiffel Tower looks like, but what does it sound like? That's what an American composer aims to find out. Tom Tangney reports.

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