Ring My Belle

Ring My Belle: A Japanese Murderer Leaves a Haiku at the Crime Scene

Originally aired: Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Category: News
1. In a tiny Japanese village of 16 people, a 63 year old man murdered five neighbors and left an ominous haiku behind. 2. Chik-fil-A is said to open two restaurants in the Puget Sound region. We learn about a local lady who does something she called Chick-Fil-Anthropy: she gives money to a gay rights or abortion rights charity every time she dines at the fast food restaurant, whose morals she doesn't agree with. 3. A student from Virginia Tech mailed a letter to Seattle's Sub Pop Records, requesting that Nirvana make a short video to help her win the honor of Homecoming Queen. She also refers to Nirvana as a she.

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