Home Matters

Pete speaks with Lou Lincoln from ACC Custom Homes

Originally aired: Saturday, February 1, 2014
Category: Life
Pete thinks most people believe a custom home is out of the realm of affordability. Lou Lincoln from ACC Custom Homes talks to them about how a custom home can fit into your budget. First, what is the difference between a custom home and a spec home? A custom home is designed to your exact specifications. "I let the owner tell me what they remember growing up that brings back really good memories," he says. "If you design that feature into your own personal home, people will have those good memories for years to come." A spec home, Pete says, is built on speculation and is "pandering to the masses." While Lou admits that there is a pretty significant markup on materials and costs, he says "if you work with me and sweat right alongside me, we can get you into a house and make it affordable." Lou also adds that, to avoid additional costs for unexpected what-ifs, you should have contingency plans. Have multiple ideas for a delay so you're not losing money if your plumber doesn't show up

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