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  • How can homeowners protect themselves from foreclosure rescue scams? What steps has the Attorney General's Office taken regarding foreclosures in the

  • Will rates really rise in 2015? If so, when? Will employment in the Puget Sound region bring even more competition among buyers

  • What tax programs will expire December 31? Are there home-related changes coming in 2015? What is the forecast for capital gains tax on rental propert

  • Is there still time to swap your home for one near grandma's house this Christmas? Are there dangers in allowing strangers into your ski condo while

  • Will seniors soon have to qualify for a reverse mortgage?

  • Dual agency: Help or hindrance?

  • Why donít loans cost the same everywhere? Why do jumbo mortgages now carry interest rates similar to conventional loans? Join Tom as he visits with Ma

  • "How do you preserve your precious photos and important documents? Tom speaks with Pete Schmitt and Carl King of Snoqualmie-based Gen-Arc."

  • Tom is joined by Cris Ugles to talk about home inspection and how to get the best bang for your buck

  • Tom talks with Bob Pittman a real estate attorney about what you can do about when your property and a neighbor's intersect

  • Tom talks with Richard Haggar about the real estate appraisal controversy

  • Solar applications for personal homes

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