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  • Wildfires w/Brandi Kruse / On the fire lines, Another plane crash / Mali, Pianos in the Park / Belle, John Travolta’s ex, Michael Moore / 9 homes

  • Human Trafficking / Bellevue GUEST: Bellevue Police Chief Jim Montgomery

  • Wildfires, Pianos in the Park, Pharrell

  • Robin Thicke / Done with Paula, Arizona / Execution 2 hours

  • Former firefighters say DNR fire crews did not do everything possible to save homes near Twisp.

  • John Elway gets emotional in farewell press conference for retiring Broncos owner.

  • A Comcast executive confirms, the service rep who was recorded during an obnoxious disconnection of service call was just following his training.

  • After tweeting their customer service displeasure, a family was asked to leave a Southwest Airlines flight.

  • The President is Here!, Wildfires w/ GUEST: Brandi Kruse, live in Twisp, she went behind the scenes with hot shot firefighters

  • Tony Dungy, New FBI director / Kim Shepard, RING MY BELLE: Air BnB, Orange is the new black, Roommates app

  • The President is here, Wildfires, Pianos in the Park / Belle, Seahawks, Tim McGraw’s SLAP

  • Wildfires / How to help, Obama is house shopping, Fargo is back, Florida dad’s 911 call

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