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  • Mark resolves to stop getting physical discs from Netflix, finally ending the struggle between his laziness and thriftiness

  • FULL CONTACT MOVIE CRITICS: Mark and Robert Horton of the Everett Herald and Seattle Weekly go toe to toe over The Wolf of Wall Street

  • A study of the regular guests on Sunday talk shows bears out a bias towards old, white, right wing talking heads getting more regular appearances than

  • -Why is a crowd of children staring at Mark as he starts the show? He addresses the issue

  • -Liberty Bottle Works sales are soaring after the owner and COO took an upset costumer to task on Facebook

  • -Google bought its eighth robotic company

  • -Black Friday shoppers are all over the news, but whatís the big deal with the shopping today? We already know the deals arenít really that great

  • -Is Seattle one of the worst cities for social ties? One study says so, but the guys debate the results. -A legal pot smoking party will take place i

  • -The Humane Society in Bellevue celebrated Black Friday by waving all fees for black cat adoptions today

  • -Guest host Mark Rahner introduces himself and urges people to embrace the family they have, not necessarily the family they were born with

  • Mark continues listing things he is thankful for this year, including Obamacare and how it will save lives even though the website isnít complete yet.

  • Conservative talking heads are blowing up at Pope Francis for decrying capitalismís predilection toward inequality and the problems that come with it.

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