The Nightwatch

Seattle sports talk with Tom Wassell, weeknights from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on 710 ESPN Seattle.
Station: 710 ESPN Seattle
Category: Sports

  • A "Danny, Dave and Moore/Nightwatch" hybrid as Jim Moore is joined by Andy Bunker and Justin Myers

  • The trio unites! Tom Wassell is joined by both Andy Bunker and Justin Myers tonight and the guys break down the highs and lows of the Seahawks/Panther

  • Do journalists have an obligation to report everything that goes on (basically the Wilson isn't black enough comment)? Can the Seahawks locker roo

  • In Danny, Dave and Moore/Nightwatch hybrid, Jim is joined by Tom Wassell and Andy Bunker

  • Tom Wassell and Justin Myers in

  • Tom and Justin continue with the latest conspiracy theory, that the refs are out to get the Seahawks

  • Tom Wassell and Andy Bunker break down the possible reasons for the Percy Harvin trade and take listener calls

  • Tom and Andy continue to take listener calls on the Percy Harvin trade and welcome in web editor Brady Henderson to get his take on the trade.

  • The 'Seahawks Crisis Line' spills over to Nightwatch

  • Have the Seahawks 'gone corporate'? They won the Super Bowl, but now they have to stay there, so is it harder for a player to get himself excited for

  • In a hybrid between Nightwatch and Danny, Dave and Moore, Jim is joined by Andy Bunker and Justin Myers

  • Andy Bunker in with Tom. Should Russell Wilson be classified as more of a running QB? The guys talk about Jim Harbaugh and his possible departure from

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