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  • Seattle City Council wants to require stickers on gas pumps telling drivers how much they're hurting the environment

  • The Fastest 15... 1:33 Is Dori OCD? He doesn't think so, but listen to his bizarre behavior and tell me what you think? 1:45 More Fastest 15...

  • The Big Lead@2, including our conversation with Coach Pete Carroll. 2:33 Awesome Audio of the Week!!! 2:45 Dori goes 1 on 1 against the Nuns!!!

  • The Big Lead: More on the Bertha overruns

  • The Fastest 15... 1:33 State Sen

  • The Big Lead@2 2:33 We vote on the latest nominees to the Rock Hall of fame! 2:45 More Rock HOF, the music, our votes and Today's Sign the End i

  • The Big Lead: Washington State Ferries won't talk to Dori about their wasting 6 million dollars on generators that don't fit the boats. 12:33 Our l

  • The Fastest 15... 1:33 Dan Raley joins us to talk about his new book and Seattle's wonderful sports history. 1:45 More with author, Dan Raley.

  • The Big Lead@2 2:33 New audio from the Hawks!!! 2:45 Awesome Audio of the Day!!! AND...Today's sign...THE END IS NEAR!!!

  • The Big Lead: Seahawks get win on controversial call

  • The Fastest 15... 1:33 Barbershop, Seg 1 1:45 Barbershop, Seg 2

  • The Big Lead@2 among other things, we talk a bit about a New York Yankee who just left the team during playoffs to enter rehab and what makes addictio

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