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  • The Big Lead: WWU Prez will not talk to Dori because he already spoke with Dave Ross. We talk with King County Sheriff Urquhart. Torture Songs:

  • The Fastest 15... Study says it's impossible for men to put on a sexy voice...let's just see about that, but ladies first. Now we men do our sex

  • The Big Lead@2 What's happening with Big Bertha? Awesome Audio of the WEEK!!! Today's sign...THE END IS NEAR!!!

  • 4/17

  • 4/17

  • 4/17

  • WWU President says they're failing unless they have less white students at the university in the future

  • The Fastest 15... We talk with Rock Hall of Fame musician, Roger Fisher about a benefit he's doing. Whale washes ashore in Oregon

  • The Big Lead@2 UPDATE: 911 audio released in horrible bear attack of woman in her home

  • The Big Lead: The two off-duty fire fighters who beat up a homeless guy in Pioneer Square will not be charged by King County Prosecutor. More Big L

  • Your Calls: After this horrible crash that killed a 2 year old walking with his dad on a walking trail, is it time to set a maximum driving age limit?

  • The Big Lead@2 More with prosecutor's office on not charging firefighters. Awesome Audio of the Day!!! Today's sign...THE END IS NEAR!!!

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