the Grapes of Rad

A not-boring, well-produced podcast about nonsense.
Station: MyNorthwest
Category: Entertainment

  • Topics include: Our Quantum Leap LIVE show experience, Aaron joins Nick in unemployment (we’re doing great!), how to properly play Mario Kart, The P

  • Aaron’s back from Burning Man and tells some tales while answering questions from Nick and a bunch of Listeners via social media

  • Aaron takes the “Do Us a Flavor” Challenge, Seinfeld as a judge of character, Trump theories, giving up drinking for 40 days, Burning Man, Goldmem

  • Nick's brother PJ joins us for a special episode where he tells us all about having Stage 4 terminal colon cancer

  • Topics include: our guest Sean DeTore, when jobs are over, show business, Nick went to the doctor for the first time as an adult, CRYSTAL PEPSI IS COM

  • Topics include: whipped cream v

  • Topics include: The system is down, Nick doesn't know his directions, an email from Listener Mike, The great return of Foisting a Character on Aaron,

  • Topics include: Nick introduces a NEW GAME like Puddle of NickelCreed called DashBlink Chemical, Aaron hung with GRiZ, Nick & his dad finally talked a

  • Topice include: Aaron just walked in from jail, Nick & Aaron saw In The Whale again, Nick’s brother’s funeral plan, toilet etiquette, and much muc

  • Our LA friends and recent The Leap Home: A Look Bakula guests Genevieve Haas and Andrew Walsh are back, baby!

  • Aaron sits down again with Natalie, Meegan, and Alison Closner of the band Joseph

  • A visit from Gay Ghost, Aaron had to put his cat down (it's been a great year, guys), we debate Taco Bell delivery, fart demons, Get in the Box Pat, S

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