TBTL is a look at life through the eyes of host Luke Burbank.
Station: MyNorthwest
Category: Entertainment

  • Luke, his daughter, and his two brothers invite the listeners into the odd world of Burbank Thanksgiving Traditions

  • Luke and Andrew learn they have very different ways of celebrating Thanksgiving, and wonder what the proper response is to the news that the lead sing

  • Luke and Andrew analyze the most popular thanksgiving cuisines around the country mostly so they don't have to discuss Ferguson anymore

  • Luke and Andrew both have reasons to feel bad about Friday's show, and in Classic TBTL Style, use Monday's show to air their apologies.

  • Luke gets ready for his weekend of Glow-stick Microwaving while Andrew finds the larger familial meaning in the youtube tape

  • Andrew misses a golden opportunity to achieve radio stardom which has Luke relating a dark childhood allegory that he probably made up

  • Luke wishes he would have never joined the ranks of drunken Santas and Andrew is diagnosed with something called "Sidekick Syndrome"

  • Luke and Andrew enter a House of Games and end up reverse-prank-calling a long distance salesman who dials up the studio during the show

  • Luke and Andrew start off talking about the early failure of Google Glass and end up discussing whether or not Luke is happy in his life in a Small Ma

  • TBTL bids goodbye to the author of Choose Your Own Adventure, in a manner he likely wouldn't have chosen

  • Luke and Andrew check in on Al Roker in the midst of his hilarious, error-filled Weathercast marathon, and realize, he's still doing a better job than

  • Luke and Carey open the phones and surprise the listeners by answering them


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